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You always hope that everything will be smooth sailing during your pregnancy and birth. You never expect, and you hope, that a baby in NICU is a scenario that will ever happen.

But sometimes complications arise, and above all, all you can do is hope and pray that everything works out for the best.

Please watch this week’s Super Mom Video Interview with Jennifer Smith. Her baby in NICU story will hopefully give hope or provide a sanctuary of relief for those experiencing the same situation.

Baby in NICU – Super Mom Interview from April Iannazzone on Vimeo.

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A Baby in NICU. One Super Mom’s story. 

Jennifer Smith is the founder of “Silvie Bells”.

She is a real estate agent turned stay-at-home mom. She is married with one daughter, Silvie, born on December 14, 2015.

Jennifer’s pregnancy was completely normal. Everything was great. Jennifer carried Silvie for 41 weeks. So one week over than an average full term pregnancy.

Strangely enough, she had complications during birth. Sylvie had a cord around her neck. Meconium aspiration, which led to: persistent pulmonary hypertension. Basically this means her lungs were covered in tar from the meconium.

This all happened to start during delivery.

So she was immediately taken to the NICU. She stayed in the NICU for two months, all during the holidays.

From here on, no contact was allowed: no hugs and still no breast feeding. Nothing.

“First meeting with doctors”

After delivery, Jennifer was confused as to why Silvie was being taken away. This was her first child, and being under the epidural still, she was a bit confused and wasn’t sure what was. happening.

She fell asleep shortly after delivery, and thought “Silvie will be back once I wake up”.

She asked nurses what was going on and where her daughter was, but they said that they’ll let her know soon.

But after 8 hours, Jennifer still had no answer from anyone.

The doctor finally came in and told Jennifer what was going on. He said that Silvie needs to be transported to another hospital with a higher level NICU department. Jennifer’s current hospital was a Level 2 NICU, and Silvie needed Level 3 treatment.

This new hospital happened to be a town over. And Jennifer couldn’t go with her.

“Experience while Silvie was a baby in NICU”

Silvie ended up being in the NICU for 49 days.

Luckily Jennifer’s husband was able to take off work for much of the time. They practically lived at the NICU. Sometimes 8 hours a day, other days 18 hours. Towards the end, Jennifer was there 24 hours a day.

As a result, Silvie was intubated. She had a tube down her throat the entire time. So they had to practically teach her how to take a bottle because those reflexes weren’t there.


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The doctors were cautiously optimistic due to the events this far. They had a lot of worst case scenario options that were hard to hear, of course.

There was a chance that Silvie had to be transported again to a Level 4 NICU hospital that had a different machine Silvie had to be on.

She was currently on an oscillator, which is a high powered ventilator. She was getting 200 breaths a minute in order to get her lungs healthy.

It was difficult between all the traveling. It was an hour commute to see her.

“Going Home”

Jennifer was overjoyed! She and her husband could not have been more thrilled.

They didn’t get to have that moment of bringing your newborn home and spending the holidays together. There was no “Baby’s first Christmas” onesie.

The holidays were difficult, but the fact that they could finally bring her home made up for it!


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When your children are in pain or hurting, that can be difficult for us moms. If you’ve experienced a devastating situation, please watch this video for some support. 



Presently, Silvie is doing just great!

Because of this experience, Jennifer started her charity organization called “Silvie Bells”.

Looking back on her baby in NICU experience, she thought about the parents in these situations. Jennifer and her husband were lucky and had enough support. But she knows this is not the case for everyone.

Usually the mind and focus is always on the baby and getting the child better, for good reason of course. But sometimes, the parents need some care and support to help get them through this situation with as much calmness as possible.

“Silvie Bells”

Silvie Bells is a charitable organization. Jennifer started it in 2016. It helps support the parents of a baby in NICU.

Fortunately, “Silvie Bells” had a very successful first year. Through using Go FundMe, and personal donations from friends and family, it raised $10,000!

Jennifer also worked with companies, such as Boppy, for donations. Boppy actually matched donations, and donated 50 Boppy pillows!

She was able to raise roughly $20,000 in product donations – baby monitors, pacifiers, pillows, etc.

Starbucks gift cards, Subway gift cards, notebooks and pens, were among other gifts for parents.

Last year, she was able to create 50 gift bags filled with all these products. That is amazing.

And hopefully this year they will be able to surpass that!

baby in nicu photo of family sitting together mom dad daughter and son

In conclusion, we’re hoping this video has created a sense of relief for those who are possibly experiencing, or have experienced, the same thing.

Or maybe you know someone else who has a baby in NICU. Please share this video and story with them for this reason.

It’s important for moms to know from here on they are not alone. There are others out there going through the same thing. And they will be more than happy to help you if and when you need it!

Please comment below to ask questions or to share your experience with us!

Please visit Silvie Bells here for some inspiration and cheer and to help other parents like Jennifer!

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