The Perfect Birthday Party On A Budget

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Birthday parties are one of the fondest memories in the lives of many people, and the recipe for a perfect birthday party on a budget is simple: a tasty cake, a lot of fun, and happy guests.

But if you are the one who prepares the celebration, everything is a little bit more complicated; especially when it comes to the strict budget.

Planning for beautiful (but also economical) decorations, choosing the venue, and being smart about where to buy everything, will ensure your party is a success. And you will not break the bank!

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Check out these simple tips for throwing a perfect birthday party on a budget!

Free Venues

If you are planning a birthday party on a budget, you may want to avoid booking a venue because this will cost you more than anything else. You can easily skip on reserving and paying for a venue and just choose a free location instead. And by “free”, we mean the awesome places where you will not spend a dime. Here they are:


You have probably had birthday parties at home, in a club, or a restaurant before. But have you tried partying outdoors?

You can easily ensure diversions for the kids: beach balls, blowing bubbles, even a sprinkler will keep them busy. Simply put, you can have a birthday party with lots of quality entertainment – all for free!


Another great outdoor idea? Unplugging with family and friends over a picnic is a great way to take advantage of warm months. So why not turn a birthday into a picnic? Just set the scene with natural elements, add flowers and mini plants, and let yourself get creative.

Use a bright color palette and make the party as festive as you can. You can take plastic utensils such as spoons and forks and decorate them using a brightly colored ink pad.

Be a Smart Shopper

When you prepare for the party, do a lot of dollar store shopping. The dollar store is a perfect place to shop for a birthday party on a budget. It has everything from party favors to decorations, all at a much cheaper price.

Besides, you can shop anywhere with coupons and sales. For example: at a party store, balloons are approximately $5. But they only cost $1 in a dollar store!

Prepare the Invitations

Invitations are a cost that you can easily cut out. Rather than opting for the traditional paper invitation, you can send invitations online.

You can find hundreds of templates online, and you can email them to your guests. You can also add a photo of the birthday child to get everyone in the right mood.

However, if you prefer paper invitations, there are also templates online which you can print off and send.


You can join the DIY revolution and get thousands of amazing ideas from Pinterest, magazines, TV, and YouTube. You do not even have to invent anything new or be exceptionally original; just follow simple instructions that are available online!

Your party decorations will impress everyone if you switch from commercial decorations to the ones that you made yourself.

 MLH Hack:  The same is true for food and desserts. Not only is homemade food less expensive, but they are often tastier than store-bought counterparts.  Most of all, home-cooked food and handmade decorations will make your guests feel like they are more special.


Birthday parties are great for arts and crafts! You can create something with kids so they can dress up as their favorite characters. And if you can manage to get the kids to sit down for five or ten minutes, birthday parties are a great opportunity for face painting.

Speaking of cool games, why not get silly string and let your guests try out their shooting skills. Or you can purchase cool items or candy to let everyone try and smash up a piñata.

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Prepare Your Own Food

The Main Meal

Age 5 or less.  Parents often prepare dozens of different dishes and kids don’t even touch it. So to keep you on track for your birthday on a budget, prepare simple and familiar foods: juice, dip and veggies, cheese sandwiches, fruit kebabs, goldfish crackers and cake. Don’t forget to check for allergies!

Ages 6 or older. Dish out veggies and dip as well as pizza and hot dogs. If you feel adventurous, make or order colored bread from the local bakery. Of course, you can simply prepare sandwiches and cookies.

Prepare your own dip

Dips are one of the tastiest, quickest and easiest things to make at home. Just go to the local grocery store and get all your favorite bases (such as sour cream, cheddar or cream cheese). When you get home, get creative and mix everything up into something that fits your taste.

Besides, dips are a great way to sneak in healthy vegetables for the pickiest eaters! When spinach and broccoli come with delicious dips, kids will eat the whole plate without realizing they are eating a lot of veggies.

Don’t Forget Desserts!

Sweet Surprises

The great way to impress your guests is to prepare unique sweet treats. For example, renting a chocolate fountain from a local supply store will not cost you much. Give everyone an apron and prepare the tables with a plastic tablecloth.

You can also buy a fondue set instead, the average price for it is $5. For dipping, offer fruits, mini-marshmallows, and cut-up animal crackers. You can also stick skewers of gumdrops, gummy worms and different chewy candies in a hollowed-out fruit-bowl for a beautiful centerpiece.

The Cake

You can save time and order a simple cake from a local grocery store, or let your imagination go wild! For example, if you have a beach-themed birthday party, you can use blue icing for the water, beautiful mini cocktail umbrellas, and brown sugar for the sand.

Or go for a proven method: all kids love ice cream cakes and air-brushed cakes from grocery stores!

Happy mom and daughter taking a selfie at a birthday party on a budget

The main idea of a birthday party on a budget is paying attention to the simple things, as well as appreciating little details and your own creativity.

Think back on the coolest birthday parties you have had or been to. Most likely, they were great not because someone spent a lot of money.

The secret is in recognizing that there are more important things that can make the party amazing!

What are some other tricks of the trade you have picked up when planning a birthday party on a budget, or maybe something you have seen when attending one? Comment and let us know!

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