Buying A Minivan … Is It For You?

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I am here to help you with one of the most stressful and contentious debates that moms and non-moms have of all time… minivan or not to minivan?!?  Buying a minivan is on every new moms mind.

I do not know how many times I’ve seen a string of about 1,000,000 comments on a X Moms Group Facebook post asking the question: “should I get a minivan or SUV?” to drive her growing brood around.  Shit gets heated on those threads!

You have the avid 100% pro-minivanners.

And then you have the 100% pro-SUVers.

Well, I am here to help put a stop to the debate, and tell you to just buy the damn minivan!

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Buying a minivan .. to buy or not to buy?!

As I was growing up dreaming about being a mom one day, I used to tell people that I would never drive a minivan. Buying a minivan was never going to be what I did. I was not going to be one of those lame soccer moms who hauled her kids around in the epitome of a mom nerd billboard on wheels.

Because of course, I was going to be a cool mom who drove a sleek black SUV and rolled up to the soccer fields with my Destiny’s Child blasting.  I’d hop down out of the driver’s seat, open the back doors, and three super cool kids would hop down, give me a high five, and trot on off to the field.

My mom drove a minivan, and of course my mom wasn’t cool.  In high school, I had to learn how to drive using our minivan.

And of course it was The. Worst. Thing. Ever. LOL

I was mortified that I would be seen practicing for my driver’s test in the high school parking lot tooling around in the nerd mobile.  If there was ever a face of an Anti-MiniVan Campaign, it would’ve been this:

buying as minivan in post antiminivan sign


Then, fast forward years later when I was 4 months away from having our third child: I realized that we wouldn’t be able to fit two car seats, a booster seat, and two adults in our sedans.  We needed a larger car and Mama was ready for that black SUV! (Because buying a minivan was not on my radar!)

At any rate, one day my husband suggested that we look at minivans and I scoffed at him!  WTF was he thinking?  Did he just meet me?  I was the cool mom who had her shit together, not the nerd mom who was fumbling through life (driving a minivan).  We went to dealerships trying to find that SUV that would make our lives easier and we’d still look cool.

We didn’t find it.  So, we bought a minivan instead.  Yes, you heard that right.


And my fellow cool mom friends, this is why:

Why buying a minivan isn’t bad – Reason #1:

You need to get over yourself.  Who the hell cares what you drive?

This phase of your life where you need a minivan is so short, and it will make your life so much easier, that you really shouldn’t care what it looks like.

Once the kids are older, go ahead and get that SUV, or Sports Car, or Luxury Sedan.  But right now, get what is practical and what will make your life easier.  Because we all know that anything that makes a mom’s life easier is a must!

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Why buying a minivan isn’t bad – Reason #2: 

The glorious sliding doors!

Not only do the doors slide open, reducing the amount of dings your kids will put into cars that park next to you, but there is a button to push that makes them automatically open for you! Strangely enough, I didn’t think I would care about this!

This is extremely helpful when you are carrying a car seat, a toddler, grocery bags, body bags (just kidding!), etc.  The trunk automatically opens, too! It’s like having an extra set of hands, which all moms need.

Why buying a minivan isn’t bad – Reason #3: 

No one has to enter through the trunk.

You guys, did you know that if you have an SUV with a third row, and you expect your kids to sit in the third row, you have to either climb through the trunk to get in OR you have to take a seat from the second row out?

No thanks.  I did not know this.  With the minivan, everyone can enter through the side door(s) and sit in their seats.  And, I can climb in the same way to buckle car seats in the third row.  Yes, car seats suck. But they’d suck even more if you had to buckle them in by reaching over the back seat from the trunk.


close up of baby feet in a black blanket and blue backdrop highlighting newborn essentials

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Why buying a minivan isn’t bad – Reason #4: 

The space!

There is so much extra space in a minivan compared to an SUV.  Space for bikes, strollers, groceries, pets, luggage, stuffed animals, trash, 8 bodies, sports bags, etc!  AND, even with all of that stuff thrown in there, there is still a lot of legroom.

Why buying a minivan isn’t bad – Reason #5: 

When you are driving it, you can imagine you are in any car you want.

When I first reluctantly test drove our minivan, I felt a wave of panic set in when I got in the driver’s seat.  It was the most comfortable seat I had ever been in.  It was leather, and it was heated.

I could see really well out of every window and every mirror.  I felt powerful and comfortable at the same time.  It felt like I was driving a super luxury vehicle.  I didn’t see myself from the outside looking in.  I don’t know what I look like to others driving a minivan, but ultimately I know that when I am driving my minivan I am imagining that I am in the luxury vehicle of my dreams and that’s all I see!

Buying a minivan happy sporty family, young parents and their kid boy with bike, sitting in open trunk of van

In conclusion, at the end of the day, the reason people choose SUV’s over minivans is because of vanity.

And from one mom to another, you need to throw vanity out the window and get over yourself.

Being a mom is hard no doubt, and honestly, buying a minivan will make your life a little bit easier.  We are at a point now (4 kids in) that if we have another, we’re going to have to buy a conversion van!

Oh, the exciting things to come!

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