The Perfect Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms

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You’re new baby has arrived. Your first few months have been a wonderful time to bond. But now you’re back at work after your maternity leave is up. Everything is going smoothly until you remember something…. How the heck is your house going stay clean?! You’re definitely going to need a cleaning schedule for working moms to help you out.

Like most of us, you may not have the means to hire a full-time housekeeper. So it’s going to take some patience to ensure sure everything gets done.

Luckily I’ve been there, done that. Now I get to share my secrets to keeping a clean house while taking care of your little one and juggling a part or full-time job at the same time!

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Here are my tips to create a great cleaning schedule for working moms!

Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – #1:

Make a written schedule and keep organized

The thing that works best for me is keeping a written schedule of what chores need to be done on which day of the week. Whether you use your mobile phone, desktop calendar, whiteboard, etc., keeping a cleaning schedule written down will help save you some stress. It will also help you remember what you need to be doing and when you should be doing it.

I’m old fashioned and like using pen & paper to keep my important dates scheduled. But the most important thing is that you keep your written schedule somewhere you know you will look.

Some good examples are the refrigerator or on the home screen of your phone or computer.


Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – #2: 

Designate certain chores to others

How many people live in your home? Oh, it isn’t only you? Good, that means you can recruit help. As a working mom, trying to raise your kids while going to work and still keep a clean home at the same time seems near impossible.

Unless you’re supermom and you aren’t telling us, having others help you with chores is the only way everything will get done.

Taking into consideration the age of your child, give them two or three chores to do to make your time easier and less stressful. Check out this really helpful chore chart by Focus on the Family!

I love Focus on the Family’s chore chart because they give a slew of examples for chores at certain age groups.

For example, for your 2-3 year old, have them tidy up their toys and make their bed, as well as put their dirty clothes into the laundry hamper.


Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – #3: 

Don’t try to do everything all at once

Trying to do everything all at once is going to drive you insane with impossible expectations. Your house may look messy the first few days. But honestly, I would prefer that over finding gray hairs. I was trying to get 12 hours worth of chores done after a 12-hour shift at work. That was not fun!

Doing everything all at once will only stress you out to the point where you won’t even enjoy your clean home once you’re finished. You’re just going to dread having to do it all over again in a few days.

While you may think it’s a good idea, it isn’t worth it. Please, take it from someone who has tried it countless times before. You will be much happier and a lot more satisfied if you space duties out. I can promise you that!

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Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – #4: 

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a few things

Life happens. Your toddler may be having an exceptionally hard day and you spent most of your at-home-time trying to help them sort through their feelings. Your little ones will always come first. Ahead of work, ahead of chores, ahead of everything.

You shouldn’t beat yourself up for wanting to console your child. You aren’t going to hurt your house’s feeling if you choose to spend extra time with your little ones. But you will hurt your little one’s feelings if you decide to ignore them and do the household chores instead.

I know this is easier said than done. I can recall more than one occasion where I felt overwhelmed at the mess that was my house. All while my daughter was having a rough couple of days. I hated that I wasn’t able to be the perfect supermom that everybody thought I was. I felt guilty that my spouse was going to come home to a messy house.

However, in the end I realized that I made the right decision in putting other priorities ahead of the housework. No laundry pile is more important than your children and family.


Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms – #5:

Reward yourself, you deserve it!

This one is my favorite. Just like when you were younger, when you completed a given chore you were given a reward.

Giving yourself a reward as an adult may be better than the measly $5 you got when you were a kid because now you can have wine! LOL

In all seriousness though, I am so much more motivated to complete something when I know there is a reward at the end of it. So telling yourself throughout the week that you will reward yourself may just be the push factor you need to clean up your house.


When cleaning, it’s nice to have some help. And sometimes that help comes from toddlers. Click here to find ways to make cleaning with toddlers easy!


Are you still stuck and need a little inspiration?

In the photo below, you can see an example of what my week looks like in terms of cleaning up. I’m not an extreme neat freak, so I really just stick to the basics like cleaning the bathrooms, the kitchen and tidying up the bedrooms.

We also keep a vegetable and flower garden, so I like having the written reminder to give our plants some love every day.

cleaning schedule for working moms sheet of paper with daily chores written out

My daughter isn’t quite old enough to help with the bigger tasks like the bathrooms and our kitchen, but she knows exactly what to do when I say it’s time to pick up her toys.

Because I’m a work-from-home mom and my spouse works full-time five days a week, I am tasked with the bulk of the housekeeping. However, I do make a point to have him help where needed on the weekends.

It’s important to remember that you aren’t the only person living in your home and a majority of the mess you’re picking up isn’t your own. So making sure everybody in your home chips in where it is due is essential to keep a happy home.

Do you have any additional tips on a good cleaning schedule for working moms? How do you keep track of what needs to be done around the house?

Let us know in the comments below!

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