5 Quick Date Night Beauty Tips and Hacks

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Date nights are so important. And when we actually have a chance to get out, we want to look and feel great – and some date night beauty tips and hacks would come in handy.

Now, I know that hiring a babysitter can be expensive, and finding the time to go out can be inconvenient. But it is so important to spend quality time with your spouse.

And date nights at home are fine if you want to watch a movie together after the kids are in bed. However, dressing up, getting out of the house, and #adulting is so different. It really can bring life back into your relationship.

Hence why I recommend getting a sitter and getting out of the house at least once a month with your hubby.

Get your weekly dose of life hacks that will AMAZE, MOTIVATE, & INSPIRE you to live your BEST life!

Hire the sitter, then try these quick date night beauty tips and hacks that will less time than ordering pizzas for everyone!

So, here are some quick date night beauty tips and hacks for us busy moms.

Let’s talk about your hair…

First and foremost, we have to start with our hair. To get that full, wavy, natural look that is so in right now, use hot rollers. This is a quick and easy way to freshen up your look.

I let them heat up while I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I pop them in and do my makeup while they are setting. Once I am done with my makeup, I pull them out, spray and go.

Boom. Perfect hair in under 15 minutes.

Speaking of makeup…

Another quick way to get an evening look is to use a contouring technique with your makeup.  It might sound like an advanced technique, but it is actually super simple and will bring your look from day to night in no time.

First: use your regular foundation/mineral makeup all over your face to even your complexion.

Second: use a bronzer that is 1-2 shades darker than your foundation. You want to do a light swipe of the bronzer on your jawline, a swipe on each side of your face from the corner of your lips to your ears, and a light swipe on the upper edge of your forehead.

Third: is applying your blush. One quick swipe on each of your cheekbones is really all you need. I sometimes even swipe the blush over my eyelids instead of using eyeshadow for an even quicker makeup application.

Finally: it’s time to highlight. You will want to swipe a highlighter that is a 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation above each of your cheekbones and under your brow bones.

And, guess what?! You are done! Once you get the hang of this, it will take you less than 90 seconds. I promise. Then, you can add mascara and lipgloss and you are ready for your date night with makeup that is on point.

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Another hair hack…

On the other hand, if you aren’t into hot rollers, or if you are looking for something even simpler, all you have to do is braid your hair.

Before bed, french braid your hair while it is damp. Next, in the morning undo the braid.

And you’re done!  No, really.  It’s that simple to get pretty beach waves. And bonus – your hair is ready to go for day and night.

Add a pretty headband or clip at night to fancy-up your look even further. With a little dry shampoo, this easy hairstyle will last me for days.  #winning

Sparkling smile…

When I am super short on time, but I want to look and feel refreshed, I simply use teeth whitening mouthwash. I know it sounds so simple, but just a quick swish brightens up my teeth. It also helps me feel refreshed after a long day.

Add on a quick lip gloss and your smile will be sparkling. Because let’s face it, our smile really is our best accessory!

Have you ever wanted to find your perfect shade of red lipstick but not sure how to choose one? Here’s a great article on how to do so!

Keep it simple…

Finally, this is one of the most noteworthy date night beauty tips. At the end of the day, my husband actually prefers me with no makeup and dressed down. Go figure!

And, as much as I love to dress up and have my hair and makeup on point, it’s important to remember to have fun. Especially when we have a chance to go out, since it tends to be less often than I’d like it to be.

So, keep it simple and avoid getting stressed trying to over-dress for the night.  Throw on a pair of heels with your jeans for a quick way to get dressy. Or, wear perfume if that’s not something you do everyday.  Add your favorite earrings or necklace to your outfit to dress it up a bit.

Ultimately, if your husband is anything like mine, he just wants to spend time with you.

Woman wearing a white shirt getting ready for a night out. She followed her date night beauty tips and her hair is in rollers

Now you are ready to go! These date night beauty tips and hacks aren’t so bad, are they?!

Go ahead and put your next date night on the schedule!

And let me know if you try these hacks or if you have any other date night beauty tip and hacks of your own!

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