Fun DIY Easter Crafts For Kids

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Spring is in the air and with that comes Easter! And most importantly, fun DIY Easter crafts for kids! Arts and crafts are always fun to do with our little ones.

Of all the seasons and holidays, Spring and Easter are my absolute favorites to base crafts around. I think it’s because Springtime reminds me of new life. With new buds sprouting and bright colors slowly waking up from winter hibernation, it’s hard to not feel refreshed every time you look outside on a beautiful Spring day.

With the sudden rejuvenation of life, it’s ultimately easy to find inspiration for fun kiddie crafts. From yummy Easter treats to festive home decor, I’ve compiled some cute crafts to suit kiddos of all ages and interests.

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Fun DIY Easter Crafts for kids to get them in the Easter spirit!

Yummy Rice Krispies Edible Easter Craft

Easter craft for kids rice krispie treat egg with half dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles

The first of my DIY Easter crafts for kids is the always delcicious Rice Krispie treats! The Rice Krispies website offers a ton of really fun Rice Krispies Treat ideas. But my personal favorite is the Easter Egg Dipper Treat.

Made just like a regular Rice Krispies treats, this is a yummy way to celebrate Easter with your little ones. The recipe is super easy!

  • First, melt butter and marshmallows. Once melted, remove from the heat.
  • Then, stir in the Rice Krispies cereal and let it cool. After that mixture cools, form them into egg shapes.
  • Next, melt together chocolate morsels and shortening, and then dip your eggs in the chocolate.
  • Finally, to brighten them up a little, add some fun multicolored sprinkles!

You can find a more detailed recipe for this edible craft here.

Easter Bunny Ball Toss

A cardboard box turned into a bunny as a easter craft for kids; multiple colored plastic balls

Another great DIY Easter craft for kids is a two-for-one deal! You first get to spend time making an Easter craft with your little one. And when you finish, you get to enjoy playing a super fun ball toss game!

All you need for this one is a cardboard box, cardstock paper (or extra cardboard pieces), and markers.

  • First, close up the box and cut out a half circle on one of the sides. This is where you will aim during the ball toss.
  • Second, form bunny ears out of your cardstock paper or extra cardboard. Then you can let your little one draw on the face and whiskers.  I’d even encourage them to give the bunny some awesome tattoos if they want!
  • Third, after they finish decorating, add the bunny’s tongue just below the circle cutout. Grab a bag of plastic balls and have fun trying to feed your new Easter bunny!

Easter Bunny Home Decor

A white vase with a bunny face made as easter craft for kids with yellow flowers inside

If your little one has an eye for design, home décor DIY Easter crafts for kids are almost perfect to do together. There are so many different items to choose from! From wall wreaths to picture frames, it was really hard for me to decide which would be the cutest!

Let’s face it, you can slap a bunny on anything and it’s instantly 10x cuter 🙂

At any rate, after a long search I came across this adorable Easter Bunny flower vase. At first I was just going to look it over and keep searching. But then I read on and saw that it was recycled!

I try my best to reduce my carbon footprint. Therefore, this craft is a great way to not only do that but to also teach kiddos to live a green life as well.

To make the vase:

You’ll need an empty salsa container, white chalk paint, black and pink regular paint, and twine.

  • Once you remove the plastic label from the salsa container and get rid of the excess sticky goo. This craft should take around 20 minutes to complete.
  • First, have your little one paint the entire outer area of the container.
  • Next, after it dries, have them paint on the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.
  • Finally, once they’re finished, wrap twine around the rim of the container and tie the ends into a bow to add a personal touch.

Picture of mom's life hacks logo cartoon light bulb with a heart filament MLH Tip: To make it even more fun, make a bunny to represent each family member in your household. Then display them as a table centerpiece!


Easter Bunny Treat Bags

Brown craft bags used in an easter craft for kids made into bunnies with construction paper

These Easter bunny treat bags are fun and easy DIY Easter crafts for kids to get them into the Easter spirit. They are great because just like leaving milk and cookies for Santa, they can leave out these treat bags for the Easter Bunny to come drop off some goodies for them!

All you need is a brown paper bag, an assortment of craft supplies like crayons, markers, scrapbook paper, etc… and a gluestick. This one is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you want a list of directions you can find them here.

I love this one because it allows for a lot of creative freedom. If your kid wants them to have mix-match ears, let them do that! More power to them!

Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket Click To Tweet

If their bunny lost their whiskers during an unfortunate carrot soup stove incident, that’s okay. I love that this craft allows for little ones to create a story behind their Easter bunny character.

Easter Bath Bombs for the Zen Kiddo

Multi-colored DIY Bath bombs shaped as eggs made as an easter craft for kids

Finally, the last of my favorite DIY Easter crafts for kids is the bath bomb.  If your little one loves bathtime as much as mine does, then these bath bombs are a great way to make bathtime even more fun!

They don’t take super long to make (only around 20 minutes).

  • First, you will need plastic fillable Easter eggs, plastic wrap, baking soda, citric acid, food coloring, glitter (optional), cornstarch, almond oil, water and essential oils of your choice. You can find exact measurements and detailed instructions for this craft here.
  • Then, basically, all you do for this craft is mix all of your ingredients together (each color of food coloring should have its own bowl.)  Then fill each Easter egg with the desired colors.
  • Next, after leaving the bath bomb in the egg for one hour, gently remove it and let it finish drying on a paper towel or washcloth.
  • Finally, to make sure your ingredients don’t dry out while using them, keep each bowl covered with plastic wrap when you’re not using them.

In conclusion, spending time creating fun DIY Easter crafts for kids is a ton of fun, especially when there is a theme involved. With Easter peeking right around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to sit down with your little one and create some really neat Easter themed crafts!

What are some of your favorite DIY Easter crafts to do with your little ones?

Have you tried any of these? Let us know!

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