7 Tips To Help You Eat Clean On A Budget

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First and foremost, I know how important eating clean and organic is for our health. But to be honest, I don’t always do it. Depending on where you shop and if you buy organic, regrettably that can make the difference in us being able to eat clean on a budget.

See, I have a family of 5. And that moreover means that we go through a lot of food.

So. Much. Food.

Now, we try to keep our food budget under control. But that is still not always easy. Some weeks I feel like I visit the grocery store every, single, day!

And as a consequence, finding organic options is not always convenient. So, we eat some organic and some not, depending on price and availability.

Eating clean (meaning whole, unprocessed foods) has many benefits.

Clean and organic food is more nutrition dense, and it is less processed, meaning it is easier to digest. It is also free from GMO’s and unwanted chemicals.

For this reason, it is overall healthier and better for you. Eating clean is becoming more and more important to everyone these days.

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We all want to eat clean and organic. But how do we eat clean on a budget?

It seems like more and more stores are trying to accommodate the healthier eating habits of consumers nowadays. However, we all know eating clean and organic still isn’t always and readily accessible and affordable.

So, here are a few ways that I have found you can eat clean on a budget.

1. Eat In Season

Food that is in season is generally less expensive. That’s because it’s easier for so many stores to receive these crops.

Not to mention food in season also tastes better. So, to really help you eat clean on a budget, purchase what is in season as often as you can. You can even freeze some items to use at a later time.

2. Plant A Garden

Another way to eat clean on a budget is by planting a garden! This makes eating clean convenient and affordable. And most of all, it is also a great way to educate our kids.

By getting them involved with caring for the garden, it also teaches them about responsibility. Moreover, it just gets them outside. Weeding and tending to a garden is also a great workout for them and for us!

Even tower gardens are easier to come by now, so you can have your garden indoors and in a small space, if necessary.

3. Find Generic Brands

Opposite of buying only expensive organic foods, most generic & store brands actually have an organic line these days. It is usually the least expensive organic option at the grocery store.

So this is obviously a great way to eat clean on a budget.

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4. Stock Up

When you see a great deal on an organic item that your family loves, stock up. If it’s perishable, you can always throw portions in the freezer.

This is especially true for stores such as Publix who have “BOGO” sales. You could buy several pairs of this item and save them. Win-Win!

5. Moderation

You may not be able to be 100% clean and organic all the time. That’s okay. Eating 80% clean and organic, or even 50%, is better than none at all. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can find the right organic item, or if what you want is just too expensive.

This is about treating ourselves and the environment better, and doesn’t have to be perfect.


Empty clear Blender with a stainless steel base Picture for a tutorial on how to use a vitamix blender

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6. Choose Wisely

Another great way to eat clean on budget is not being too picky when it comes to choosing what you buy.

For example, there are certain items out there that don’t matter much if they are organic or not. Fruits like bananas and oranges have thick skin that we peel and throw away. The portion that we are eating is protected from sprays or chemicals. So, we can forego purchasing organic for items like that.

7. Find A Local CSA

A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. This allows you to purchase a “share” of what your local farmers are growing. You are supporting a small family business and you can’t get food any fresher than straight from the farm!

It is generally less expensive than what you would buy in the grocery store, and you may even get to try some new and unexpected foods that you would normally be purchasing.

CSA’s oftentimes include produce, eggs, and even meats.

Sometimes you even have to pick some of the produce yourself, which can be a fun and educational experience for you and your kids.

eat clean on a budget closeup on young housewife putting money into piggy bank after shopping at local market

The Takeaway

Eating clean is a trend that is growing for good reason. We want to be healthy, and we want our families to be healthy. What we put into our bodies matters.

However, purchasing organic and clean is usually more expensive and less convenient. Grocery stores are noticing this trend and these items are becoming more and more accessible.

We may not always have the budget to go 100% clean and organic, but making small changes is much better than doing nothing. So, do what you can to eat clean on a budget and realize that this is an investment in your health.

And, while we are making a difference in our health and our environment, we are teaching our children to do the same.

So, let me know if you try my tips. And drop a comment below if you have any hacks on eating clean and organic on a budget!

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