How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

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Independent, creative and tenacious. These are the qualities I think about when asked to describe an entrepreneur. Raising entrepreneurial kids is something all parents should strive to achieve.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit inside me. I remember sitting in my room making a list of ways I could make money on my ow. Of course, ways that didn’t involve doing my chores. No amount of entrepreneurial spirit could get me to willingly wash and dry the dishes.

My mom told me when she would tuck me in at night, I wouldn’t let her leave the room. Not until she heard all of my business ideas, and … exactly how I was going to accomplish them.

Among the ventures on my list were:

  • lemonade stands
  • car washing businesses
  • stuffing envelopes for a neighbors company
  • and of course, the infamous babysitting gigs

The Importance Of Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

It’s never too early to instill that spirit into your kiddo. I believe it is incredibly important If we want our little ones to grow up with an independent, creativeand tenacious personality​. It’s important for us to help them along the way.

There are a million ways to instill the entrepreneurial spirit into your little one. The key to fostering their spirit is to help them find something they will enjoy doing. If they host a lemonade stand but don’t like the taste of lemonade, it’s unlikely they’ll be motivated to make money on their own this way.

Do they love animals? Help them start a dog walking business if that’s something they are interested in.  But of course, it’s important to make sure you supervise them while they are working – just like any other business venture.

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How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

When supervising them, it’s also good to keep in mind that the point of these ideas is to teach little ones to be independent. If you’re constantly hovering and offering help, they aren’t going to learn to do things for themselves.

With all of that in mind, make sure you give them space. But at the same time, make sure they’re aware that you’re there to help if the need is present.

Above all, it’s our job to raise our kiddos to be independent free-thinkers, but it’s also our job to help them get there in any way we can.

Teach Them Creative Problem-Solving

Solving a problem may not be as easy as saying yes or no sometimes. In my opinion, teaching them to find a creative way to solve a problem will help them become better problem solvers in the future.

It’s crazy to me how I encounter people (adults) who are faced with a problem, or come to a road block, that stops them dead in their tracks which results in them not being able to go from point A to B. But what do they do? They just stop or give up. They don’t try to find alternate routes. It is so very sad. For this reason, we need to do a better job teaching our children that THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. It doesn’t matter what the problem or goal is.

Children face a multitude of problems every day. What do they do if it’s not grocery day and their favorite cereal isn’t an option? What about when it’s laundry day and they can’t wear their favorite outfit? You may think solving these issues is simple. But it’s actually not always easy for children. Teaching them problem-solving is already one way of raising them to be entrepreneurial kids.

For example – breakfast. They need to figure out what is available to them and how they can make a sustainable meal. Teach them to be a ​Chopped​ chef by making them figure out a meal with a set of provided ingredients. Use your head to make it creative and your little one will love it!

Meanwhile for finding an outfit – it may not be quite as easy as it seems, especially if your little one is really into fashion. So teach them to become a trendsetter by matching their available clothes in new ways.

Teach Them That It’s Okay To Make Mistakes

First and foremost, everybody makes mistakes. It’s inevitable. It’s just a part of life. Every successful entrepreneur makes hundreds of mistakes. The key is that they learn from the mistake in order to avoid it and better their results in the future.

Teaching our kids that one mistake isn’t the end of the world will encourage them to never give up on something they are passionate for and determined to do.

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Let Them Make Decisions

When out and about, let them decide where you go for that day’s family outing. Including them in the decision makes them feel like your equal, therefore furthering your goal of teaching them to be entrepreneurial kids.

My daughter, like most kids probably do, went through a stage where everything was “I don’t know” or “Whatever you want”. It drove me nuts!! We want our children to be decisive. In the same way, we want them to take the lead in order to foster natural leadership skills.

Whether our children decide they will start their own business or work for someone else, the entrepreneurial skills that we teach them from an early age will benefit every aspect of their life as an adult.

Get Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

An entrepreneur deals with surprises all the time. To raise entrepreneurial kids, you need to teach them that life begins at the end of their comfort zone. ​

If we let them stay in their comfort bubble their entire life, we let them miss out on some really amazing opportunities.

mompreneur on bed working and sharing her home based business idea

If you’re looking to get yourself into the entrepreneurial world, check out this article for great ideas!

Teach Them To Take Action

Another great teaching lesson: let your kiddos know how important it is to take action … Yes, even if everything is not perfect. As a business coach for women I see this problem every day. Amazing ideas and products that could help thousands of people are never launched because it is not “perfect” or the “website is not finished”.

From a young age you should be teaching your kids not be “fence sitters”. ​ Lead by example and take decisive action. It is important to always be in motion, and of course correct as needed. But if they are on the fence or at a stand-still, life will pass them by.

Encourage them to try out for a lead in the play or the school team. If they are going to participate in chorus at school, encourage them to not hide in the back, and maybe even ask for a solo.

Teach Them To Challenge The Status Quo When They Feel It’s Needed

As crazy as this may make us, teaching your kids to challenge something that they don’t find fair is an important step in growing up. If we want to raise tenacious, independent, & entrepreneurial kids, this can sometimes be the first (and maybe only) way they learn to think for themselves.

Expose Them To The Bigger Vision

Sign your kids up for workshops or conferences for children’s entrepreneur programs. Most big cities have them.

Bring them along to your business conferences. As long as your kids are well behaved, bringing them along to a conference or workshop you attend would be great. I personally involved my girls in every aspect of my business. You will often see them registering attendees at a seminar. Or selling candy at a trade show.

I bring them along to book signings where they can be inspired by people doing AMAZING things in the world.

In the car, mix in some leadership or mindset audio books. (At first my girls really hated this. But after a while they got mad if I turned it off because they were so caught up in the story). We listen to “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill or “The 10X Rule Book” by Grant Cardone.

I hope tiny seeds will subconsciously be sewn in the back of their minds to always think outside of the box and have the confidence to take action.  I want my children to be leaders and have a bigger vision, mission or purpose with their life.

In my opinion, I truly believe that learning entrepreneurial skills will enable them to change the world! Starting them now as entrepreneurial kids is the way to make it happen!

Daymond John with young girl holding a copy of his book teaching entrepreneurial kids

Entrepreneurial Kids Turn Into Successful Adults

Ultimately, if you ask people who started their own businesses or work for themselves if they were raised as entrepreneurial kids, they will proudly tell you YES!  As I’ve grown older, I’ve also watched my friends go off and become successful in their own right.

Most noteworthy, I find that the same friends who spent weekends with me thinking up cool new business ideas are the same friends who work for themselves or have taken the plunge into owning their own business.

Picture of mom's life hacks logo cartoon light bulb with a heart filament All things considered: Please remember, raising entrepreneurial kids doesn’t necessarily mean they HAVE to become an entrepreneur when they grow up.  However  …  teaching them these skills and allowing them to be their own boss for a little while, will still help them grow and develop into independent, creative, tenacious and entrepreneurial young ladies and gentlemen.

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