What You NEED To Know When Expecting Twins

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Are you expecting twins? Congrats! Having twins is such an amazing and rewarding experience.

But… first, let me warn you…

It doesn’t come without challenges, and often times these are unique challenges that only parents of multiples can truly understand.

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Here are my top 10 hacks for parents expecting twins that I wish I would have known before my twins were born.

  1. The first year is exhausting. Terrifyingly exhausting. I still haven’t totally recovered. Sleep when you can.mlh-logo-mint
  2. It’s completely different from having two children close together. I don’t care if you had to buy diapers for two and you were nursing both children. I am not saying that having two kids close in age is easy, but trust me it’s different.Even to this day my twins are 8 years old and the dynamic between them is completely different when compared to the dynamic between them and their little sister. Know that it will be different and embrace it.mlh-logo-mint
  3. When you are expecting twins owning a minivan will be like a dream come true. Getting two infant car seats in and out of a car or SUV will be a nightmare. Just. Get. One. You’re welcome.
  4. It’s not “double the work”. When you are expecting twins It’s more like 4-5 times the work, maybe even 10 times. Believe me…I know from personal experience.
  5. Their relationship will be fascinating. They will finish each other’s sentences, take care of each other, and understand each other like you could never even imagine. They truly are lost without each other.


    What You NEED To Know When Expecting Twins

  6. Furthermore, all of those “twinisms”… those weird stories about twins who speak their own language and read each other’s minds. They are real. And freaky.
  7. When you are expecting twins make sure you buy two of everything. Scratch that. Buy four of everything. Trust me. I totally thought we would be fine with one swing, one boppy, one bouncer… But, by the time my twins were one week old we had purchased at least one duplicate of everything. Remember, options are good. Very good.
    Another great idea is to have a set of options upstairs and a set downstairs is even better.
  8. My favorite piece of equipment that wasn’t around when I was expecting my twins we, but was a lifesaver with my youngest daughter is the Fisher-Price Rock and Play. You can actually hook the legs together and rock both at the same time. #genius #MLHmlh-logo-mint
  9. If you plan on using bottles at all, use ones without 400 separate parts. We started out using expensive bottles with a million parts to wash. That got old. Fast.We ended up buying a bunch of super cheap bottles with only three parts and they worked perfectly.
    An added bonus was that they also fit right onto my breast pump.mlh-logo-mint
    And, if nothing else, take my number one piece of advice for any new parent: 
  10. The first year is all about survival. Any bad habits you can break later.

So, that is my most noteworthy advice from one twin mama to another. Oh, and as a result of expecting twins you will receive lots of other advice. Whether you ask or not. People are curious about twins and often infatuated.

Expecting twins and having twins is unique, incredible, challenging, and wonderful all at the same time.

Enjoy and congrats!

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