My girls and I love  adding DIY crafts to our homes fall decor!  In addition to the smell of the Yankee Pumpkin Spice Candle, the crafts make our home feel more warm and inviting.

Every year we make these adorable Turkey Place Card holders for our Thanksgiving table.

You kids will enjoying making them and will have this memory to last a lifetime.

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Supplies Needed for Your Fall Decor DIY Turkey Place Card Holders

fall-decor-supplies needed Pine cone, google eyes, construction paper, brown feathersfall-decor-diy-thanksgiving-craft-tools-needed- gold-glitter-sprayfall-decor-diy-thanksgiving-craft-tools-needed scissors, glue gun, glue

Supply List for Your DIY Fall Decor Thanksgiving Craft

  1. Bag of Unscented Pine Cones
  2. Bag of Brown feathers
  3. Google Eyes
  4. 1 – Sheet of Orange Construction Paper
  5. 1 – Sheet of Red Felt
  6. Spray Gold Glitter Paint
  7. Scissor
  8. Hot Glue Gun
  9. Hot Glue Sticks
  10. 1 – Sheet of White Paper
  11. Gold Permanent Marker

Easy to Follow Steps for Your DIY Fall Decor Thanksgiving Craft


Use the hot glue gun to glue on the brown feathers to the larger end of the pine cone.

fall-decor pine cone with brown feathers glued to the large end


Lightly spray the gold glitter paint on the pine and feathers.  Let dry.

fall decor brown pine cone with feathers and gold glitter


Use the red felt and cut an oblong shape for the “gobbler”.  Hot glue the felt into place between at the small end of pine cone.

fall-decor-brown pine cone with feathers at the large end and red felt at the small end



Cut a triangle out of the orange construction paper.  Fold it in 1/2 and glue it over the top of the red felt “gobbler”

fall-decor-diy-thanksgiving-craft-pine cone with brown feathers, red gobbler, and orange beak


Use the hot glue gun to glue on 2 google eyes above the orange beak.



Cut a small rectangle out of the white paper.  Use the gold permanent maker to write your guest’s name. Place the paper infant of the feathers.

fall-decor-diy-thanksgiving-craft-turkey-place card holder

These DIY Turkey Place Card Holders will make an excellent addition to you Thanksgiving Table or any home’s fall decor.  Our Thanksgiving dinner guests always love to take these home as a thoughtful keepsake.

I hope you enjoying making this fall decor craft with you children as much as I do!


mlh-logo-mintMLH Tip:  When making this DIY fall decor with smaller children you can use Tacky Glue instead of the hot glue gun.

et with fall decor and DIY Turkey place card holder crafts

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