5 Best Moves For A Flat Stomach

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Yes, I know we all want that flat stomach; that toned tummy; those tight abs. After having twins (plus one more!) the muscles and skin around my stomach are pretty stretched out to say the least.

But not all hope is lost. My stomach may look different now than my pre-twin abs, but I am proud of my body. Tone and definition is still possible if you do the right exercises.

MLH TIP: So first, let me say that just doing core exercises – without doing anything else – is likely not going to flatten your belly. If you are really looking to lose inches, you have to incorporate total body cardio and healthy eating habits.

Also, your “core” is not just your stomach, but your sides and your back as well. It is important to work all the way around your core to balance your strength; give your stomach the best appearance; and tone your overall core, not just one small targeted area.

And since you also can’t expect a toned and flat stomach without ever working your core, you will definitely want to start incorporating these moves into your workout routine.

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But with all that being said, I promise that these five moves will certainly give you a flat stomach, definition, and strength.

Which is something we all want, of course!


Flat Stomach Exercise 1:

The first move that I want you to try is a Yoga position called “Boat Pose.”

exercises to get a flat stomach

For this exercise, sit up straight with your legs and arms stretched out in front of you, lean back 45 degrees, then raise your legs to a 45 degree angle.

Be sure to keep your chest open, your neck neutral, and gaze just beyond your toes.

A less challenging variation of this pose would be to have your knees bent, or even bend your legs with your toes lightly touching the ground.

Try to hold this pose for five deep breaths.

Flat Stomach Exercise 2:

This is where the “Reverse Crunch” comes in because if you are like me, your lower abs really need some attention.

This is just like a regular crunch, but with an added challenge. You will lie on your back with your knees bent and place your hands behind your head as you would for a traditional sit up.

But for this move, when you crunch up, bring your knees into your chest as well.

Do three sets of 15 for this exercise. Keep it slow and controlled.

Flat Stomach Exercise 3:

“The Plank” is a total body exercise, and I am busy so I really love multi-tasking exercises.

exercises to get a flat stomach

In fact, I’ve even heard that Navy Seals don’t even do sit ups anymore. They only do planks. They are that good.

For an elbow plank, you want your elbows directly below your shoulders. Keep your hips down and stretch through your legs while keeping weight in your heels. Always maintain a neutral position in your neck.

Personally, I can hold a plank for about 2 minutes. I think the world record is 6 hours. Whaaat?!?!?

Find your personal best and try to hold your plank for three seconds longer each day.

And did you know that if you have a strong plank, all you need is a little balance and then you can turn your plank into a headstand?!

But, I’ll save that for another post 🙂

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Flat Stomach Exercise 4:

A “Side Plank” is a great way to work your obliques, AKA “love handles”.

exercises to get a flat stomach

Start in a full plank and plant one hand centered underneath of your chest.

Next, rotate to open up your chest stretching your opposite arm to the sky and set your gaze towards your fingertips. You will want to keep your planted hand in line with your shoulder.

To make this pose a little less challenging, you can rest your bottom knee on the ground.

If you are ready for a bigger challenge, you can lift your top leg. Eventually you can grab your foot or your big toe. OMG, that’s hard!

As with the traditional plank, see how long you can hold this pose. Then, add a few seconds to your best time every day.

Flat Stomach Exercise 5:

“Windshield Wipers” – This is a fun one!

You will lie on your back with your arms stretched out to either side and your legs are lifted straight up towards the ceiling.

Then, you will slowly lower your legs to each side and pause as you bring them back up to the top.

The key here is to lower your legs slowly. We are not dropping our legs to the side. We are in control of our legs, not the other way around!

For modification, you can bend your knees and shorten your range of motion.

Perform three sets of 15 for this exercise.

There you go. You are now a windshield wiper!


These are great, comprehensive exercises to work your entire core. As I mentioned before, be sure to incorporate healthy eating habits and total body cardio if you are really looking to lose inches.

You also must be consistent with your exercises. You can’t expect to do these moves a few times and see a difference. Although if you are doing these properly and challenging yourself, you may feel a difference right away.

 close-up of a girl with a flat stomach with a skipping rope in her hands on the beach

These are great moves to start with because having a strong core not only looks good, but it is so helpful in protecting you from injury (your back, in particular) and it helps with balance.

And finally, my last piece of advice: go easy on yourself! Love and appreciate your body.

Comment below if you try these and if you have any questions!

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