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Before we get into the Hanukkah crafts for kids.  Lets take a minute for a short history lesson…

Don’t worry… It’s very short… I promise 🙂

Hanukkah, meaning dedication in Hebrew, is the joyous eight-day Jewish celebration to commemorate the victory of the Maccabees over the armies of Syria and the subsequent liberation and “rededication” of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Two of the most well-known ritual objects associated with Hanukkah include the menorah and the dreidel.

Menorahs are the staple to the Hanukkah holiday. They are used to light a candle for each of the 8 days, symbolizing light, wisdom, and Divine inspiration. But since real candles and flames can be unsafe with children around, a handmade version is a great way to still have a menorah around the house.

Dreidels are fun toys for children and parents alike to play a game. What’s even more fun is for children to make their own dreidels!

Parents, join in on making these Hanukkah crafts as well! This is a great way for you to bond with your children over the holiday season.

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Let’s make Hanukkah crafts with our children!

See below for materials needed and instructions for each craft.

Hanukkah Crafts: Menorah


What you’ll need for the Menorah:

  • 9 colored pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • 9 yellow eraser heads
  • 9 thread spindles
  • light, medium, and dark blue paint
  • white paint or marker
  1. First start by gathering 9 thread spindles: 8 that are close in height, and 1 that is a little taller than the rest. Make sure they all have at least one end with a hole large enough to fit a pencil in.
  2. Start painting the 9 thread spindles with the blue paints. Paint a mix of the blues – 3 light, 3 medium, and 3 dark.
  3. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, grab your colored pencils. Sharpen 8 of the pencils at one end, if applicable, in order to make all the pencils the same height. Leave the 9th pencil a little taller than the rest.
  4. Sharpening the pencils may also help them fit into the spindle end with the hole on top.
  5. Once the paint has dried, paint the numbers 1-8 on 8 of the spindles, leaving the 9th tallest one blank. When painting the numbers, make sure  the spindle end with the hole is on top.
  6. Place the tallest spindle directly in the middle of the other 8 spindles, 4 on each side.
  7. Then put a colored pencil in each spindle, with the tallest pencil in the middle/tallest spindle.
  8. Put an eraser head on the middle/tallest pencil. Leave this on for the entire 8 days. Then, just as you would a real menorah, each day “light a candle” (place an eraser on each pencil).

And voila! You now have your decorative and festive menorah ready to go for display!

The 1st of your 2 Hanukkah crafts is completed!

May the lights of Hanukkah usher in a better world for all human kind. ~Author Unknown Click To Tweet


Hanukkah Crafts:  Dreidels

What you’ll need for the Dreidels:

  • toothpicks
  • scissors
  • glue or glue stick
  • colored construction paper or quilling paper
  1. Cut ¼” wide strips of colorful construction paper. To make it easier, you can even buy some ready-made strips at a craft store called “quilling paper”.
  2. Start by gluing the edge of one paper strip to the toothpick just a little above the pointed end. You will have to wait for the paper and toothpick to dry before starting the next step.
  3. Once the glue is dry, continue wrapping pieces of paper around the toothpick until you have about 1″ thick width of paper. When adding more paper strips, mix and use different colors of paper to make it more colorful. Then, glue the end of the last piece to the entire circle you just created.
  4. With your thumbs inwards, give the paper a little push so it creates a bowl-like shape.

When creating the bowl, try different shapes to see which ones spin better!

* Thank you GrowingUpCreative for your Dreidel Factory.

jewish holiday hanukkah crafts with menorah traditional candelabra, and wooden dreidels spinning top

I would love to hear if you tried one or both of these Hanukkah crafts and how they turned out!

Do you have any favorite Hanukkah crafts you create each year? Share and comment below!

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