7 Super Secret Ways to Hide Christmas Presents

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If your kids are like my son, then you know they’ve already started scouring the house because they know you found some new places to hide Christmas presents.  Hopefully you had a jump start on your holiday shopping and started picking up gifts here and there.

And when it is just a few it’s easy to stash them somewhere.  In the bottom of your closet, hidden in the garage, or under a bed.  But as we are getting closer to Christmas you can feel like a prisoner in your own home.

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You know what I am talking about…

Telling the kids they can’t go in the closet.  “I’ll get that for you…” when they need something out of the laundry room because you know you have their big gift in there.

As my kids get older it’s getting harder and harder to find incognito places to strategically hide Christmas presents so that the can actually have a surprise on the holiday morning.

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If you’ve run out of ideas (or your kids are just tearing your house apart) use these life hacks for mom to help you hide Christmas presents without losing your mind.

Secret 1:  Put Boxes in Boxes

One of my absolute favorite gift-hiding hacks is putting a smaller wrapped gift inside a larger, inconspicuous box. The decoy boxes are a great deterrent, and this has worked for me every year when trying to hide christmas presents.

If you have old medium sized appliance boxes lying around your house (I find microwave-sized options are the most universally useful), simply place your child’s gift inside the empty box and stick it on the shelf. If you’re still concerned about them ripping open the decoy boxes, a few layers of crumpled newspaper is usually enough of a deterrent to throw them off the trail.

Secret 2: Take Advantage of Unused Home Space

One of the best tips I can give when it comes to hiding gifts in the home is to think like your child, and consider the areas of the house where they would be least likely to want to snoop around. Is your child creeped out by the basement? Try hiding gifts in the darkest corner of the least appealing room.

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Is there a closet or space in your kitchen that your child isn’t aware of? Stick the presents in the cabinet just out of their reach (I find the ones on top of the refrigerator work especially well).

Children, especially younger children, will not go to great lengths to find presents that are physically out of their capacity to look for.

Secret 3:  Gifts on Wheels

This is a genius way to hide Christmas presents I learned from my own mother!  If you drive, one of the most effective places to hide presents is in the trunk of your car. It’s a genius idea because it’s so simple, yet foolproof.  If you have an SUV, there may be another hidden compartment in the truck (sometime the floor of the trunk lifts up) usually where the spare tire is.

This is great because if you kids happen to look over the back seat, they won’t see anything.

The times when your child is most likely to be snooping around for presents is also the time when you’re out of the house, so removing the Christmas presents from the area entirely saves you from the stress of coming home and finding out that your son or daughter had a little early celebration.

Secret 4:  Understanding Neighbor

As I am writing this, I do understand that not everyone has awesome neighbors like I do!  When we need to hide Christmas presents that are a tad bit larger… like a shiny new bike, play house, or kitchen set, we ask our neighbor if we could store it in his garage.

At first i felt weird about asking… but I was desperate!

The funny thing is, the neighbor thought it was the greatest thing!  It made him feel like he was part of a secret mission.  And he was honored that my husband and trusted him so much.

Secret 5:  Suitcase Stash

Everyone has a few suitcases around the house.  Your family is probably use to seeing them around.  They will never think to take a peek inside.

Secret 6:  Shoe Boxes

I hide smaller gifts in shoe boxes.  The key to this is that you keep the shoes in the box!  This way if you kids are extra nosy, and they pop the top open of the box, as scan they can just notice the shoes 😉

Secret 7:  Everything but the Kitchen Sink

One place your kids will NEVER look is under the kitchen sink.  Just in case though, make sure you  hide the Christmas presents you put them in a garbage bag and put cleaning supplies toward the front of the cabinet.


Hiding presents can be a tough and sometimes frustrating process.

However, the best way to keep the gifts out of their reach is to satiate them with a little build-up before Christmas. Advent calendars are great because in opening a small piece of candy every day, the pre-holiday anxiousness is alleviated.

Either way, remember that your children love and appreciate all that you do for them, and even if by chance they do find your gifts early, they’ll still have a wonderful Christmas!

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