False Eyelashes are an amazing way to frame and make your eyes pop in person or in photos.  However, many of us are not blessed with long and lush lashes.   While a great mascara can help in your goal, sometimes nothing works better than false eyelashes.

Makeup artists use them all the time for photo shoots, weddings, and event makeup, and they seem easy to apply when makeup artists use them.

I promise that with a few great tricks and a practice run, you will be a pro in no time at all.

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I am going to take you by the hand and walk you through exactly how to apply false eyelashes.

Picking Your Lashes:

Decide what your overall look is, whether you want drama or just want to add to your lashes but not make them too big.  There are many great brand options and most give options such as individual or strips.  Individual lashes take a little more practice, but give you more say in placement.  A trick that I love is to buy a strip and cut it in half and just add half of it to the end for a winged look.  Or if you want to apply the whole strip it is easier adding them in two pieces versus one long strip.

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Measuring & Testing:

Once you have picked your lash, take the lash out of the package and hold it up to your eye.  Based on your eye size you may need to trim it to fit your lid.  It is much easier to do this before you glue them on.


To protect your own lashes apply a thin layer of mascara.  Squeeze a small amount of lash glue in a fine line.  Gently run the seam of the lashes in the glue. You do not need it to be covered in glue.  There are two adhesive color options, white which dries clear or black adhesive.  If you are wearing a black eyeliner the black adhesive is perfect as it blends right in.


Wait 30 to 60 seconds so that the glue gets a little tacky before you apply.  Position the false eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible.  It is easiest with a strip to start at the corner of your eye and move toward the center.  If you need to re-position, no problem.  You do not need to press on them, as the glue will do the job.  Wait a minute or two for glue to dry.

Once they are on:

Once you have got them both on, use an eyeliner to go over the seams.  This will give you a lined look, as well as conceal the seams of the strip.   Lastly, apply mascara to the lashes to blend them all together.

So now the BIG question… How the heck do I get them off??


Removal is much easier than you think!   An eye makeup remover will take them right off.  Just lightly apply some remover with your finger.  Focus on the outer corner to start and they will easily come off.  If you are gentle most strips can used again!  Just be sure to clean them well, make sure all the glue is removed, and store them back in the original packaging and they will be ready for your next night our!

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