How To Get Children To Take Medicine

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Don’t us moms always think about how to get children to take medicine? Because we know that is often quite difficult, to say the least. Kids can keep their mouths shut and refuse to take the medicine regardless of what you say.

And if your child is really sick he or she may be even more finicky, which means that taking the medicine will be an even bigger challenge.

When children have to take their medicine often, maybe because of a chronic disease, it can pose more problems. This is because taking medicine becomes an unpleasant routine for them, which ultimately becomes frustrating for the parents.

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It doesn’t have to pose a problem though. Let me tell you some tips on how to get children to take medicine.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #1:

Parents Should Have A Positive Attitude

If your child sees fear on your faces, it makes medicine administration more difficult and frightening for a kid. Try to speak with a calm voice. And keep a smile on your face! Your attitude really affects young children. And by encouraging them to take a pill, a child is more likely to do so.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #2:

Getting Younger Kids To Take Medications

For infants and children younger than a year, it is much safer and easier to administer medication by using a dropper or a syringe. All you have to do is squirt the medication in the mouth, and your child will not spit anything out.

Many infants do not even taste the medication when parents use a syringe.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #3:

Makeover Medications

Young children make decisions about medications by the way they look and smell. If your kids do not like the appearance, it will take a lot of time to make them take the pills.

To make liquid medicine look better, you can add several drops of food coloring to your child’s medicine cup. For example, the liquid will transform from a suspicious white to a more pleasant color. Your child will get enchanted – and take the medicine with a smile on their face.

Picture of mom's life hacks logo cartoon light bulb with a heart filament MLH Hack: When possible, try to get flavored liquids or chewable medicines instead of regular tablets. It is harder for children to swallow pills. Chewable medicine is much more enjoyable for them to take.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #4:

Medication Flavors

A medicine with a bad taste is the best way to leave your child cringing when you want to administer medications. For this reason, choose something tasty that is meant for kids. Of course, that is when you can and have the option. Taste always makes a big difference in how you will get your child to take medications.

Unfortunately, sometimes you do not have a choice and you will have to administer medications with bad taste. Compounding pharmacies can help because they add a pleasant taste to medicines. Fruit tastes are the most popular among kids and you can choose the one that your child likes the most.

For example:

If your child is supposed to take the medicine alongside food and liquids, you can make your child’s favorite meal to go along with taking the medication. This will help alleviate the unpleasant taste of it.

However, do not put medication directly in the food or drink because your child may not finish the food or drink. Besides, if you have a little child, he or she may associate the medication with the food item and avoid it even when there is no medication inside it.

The best tactic is to combine medicine with a sweet-tasting food that can mask the bitterness. And pediatricians say that the best idea is to hide medications in grape juice or cherry-flavored syrup, although yogurt is another great substitute.

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How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #5:

Be Honest About the Taste

Never lie to your kids and tell them whether their medicine tastes good or not. When your children become 3 years old, they can understand that medications will make them feel better, so there is no reason to make up stories.

The sense of reasoning is a powerful tool. Whatever medicine you do give them, tell them it will make their pain and sickness go away. Children will take it, and that’s it.

And do not tell them the medicine is a candy! Otherwise, your children may start to seek it out, eat too much and get an overdose.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #6:

Give Your Child a Choice

When possible, you should give your child a choice. Let them select a spoon, a drink or food they want to take with their medication. And if you shop for over-the-counter medication, take a child with you and let him choose the flavor or color.

Suppositories can also be an option, but it depends on the child. Some of them will scream at this idea while others find it better than a pill or liquid. Just try them once; if your child does not like it, move on to another idea.

Eating healthy foods is important for everyone – kids and adults. So knowing how to pick the right fruits and veggies is important.  


How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #7:

Explain The Purpose Of Medications (In A Positive Note)

If you have an older child, it is a great idea to explain the purpose of their medicine. Tell them that these pills will make them feel better.

For example, if your child has a runny nose and a sore throat, explain that the medicine will help them sleep better and get rid of the pain quicker. This may seem quite simple, but it will make the world of a difference.

It is also very helpful to turn the distribution of medications into a routine system. Give them pills when they get up in the morning, before lunch, before naps, and so on. If your child knows that this is coming, they will not fear it.

How To Get Children To Take Medicine – Tip #8:

Show Affection And Understanding

It is a simple thing but showing affection and understanding can make a huge difference in administering medications to kids. Give them a hug and assure them that even though it can be unpleasant to take medicine, it is important and helpful.

Your children should know that you appreciate that they take unpleasant medications and you are proud that they can do that.

Sick child taking medicine from a spoon using a technique her mother learned from how to get children to take their medicine

I hope you find these little tips and tricks on how to get children to take medicine helpful!

By doing everything with love and understanding, you can make sure that the administration of medications is quick and easy. Which in turn means your kids can get the most benefits out of their medications!

Do you have any of your own tips and tricks on how to get children to take medicines?! Let us know below!

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