How to Get Your Kid To Eat Healthier

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We all want to see our kids eat healthy.  Maybe you have pulled all the tricks out but your kid is still has absolutely no interest in better better.  And you are about to give up…Which is why you are reading a post on “How to get your kid to eat healthier”!

If you child is anything like mine, they only want chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.  And you are probably asking every other mom  how to get your kid to eat healthier foods.

Well… I realize the advice I am about to give  is going to go against what most other people say.

I’m not gonna talk about sneaking veggies into a grilled cheeses or re-introducing foods over and over again until your children acquire a taste for it. I’m not going to lie… I have tried that in the past too! ?


What I’m talking about is teaching your kids to listen to their bodies. And trusting that your kids can listen to their bodies.

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This is the Key to Learning How to Get Your Kid To Eat Healthier

Now, of course, if your child wants cookies and candies and cakes all day you have to limit that.  That’s obvious. But, what you will find when you give your kids more freedom is that they actually do want to make healthy choices.  And learning how to get your kid to eat healthier will not be a consideration.

I’m guilty of this myself, but I’ve changed. I know many parents who set food on a plate because they think it’s what their kids should eat. And, we say things like  “No dessert until you eat all of this.” Or, “You can’t be done your dinner until you clean your plate.”

I understand that we are simply trying to do the best for our children. However, we need to allow our kids to listen to their bodies. If they’re full, let them be full. I’m sure their next meal or snack is only a couple of hours away. If they don’t like string beans, then don’t make them eat string beans.

And, just because they ate six chicken nuggets last week doesn’t necessarily mean that every time they eat chicken nuggets from that day forward, they will eat at least six nuggets.

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.”  ~Doug Larson #MLH Click To Tweet

We, as adults, are the same way. Some days we are starving all day long. Other days we are just not that hungry for one reason or another. Let’s not force feed ourselves just because we think this is what we should be eating. And, the same goes for our children.

#MLH No more “Clean Plate Club

I vividly remember my parents not letting us leave the table until most of our plate empty.  I remember sitting at the table for what seemed like hours because I would eat my fish.

I had AMAZING parents and I know they truly believed they were doing what they thought was best for getting their kids to eat healthier!

My sisters and I heard things like…

There are children starving and begging for a grain of rice.

You have to be a member of the “Clean Plate Club”

and also…

You’re going to be hungry later, and we better not hear about it!

I challenge you to try my mom’s life hacks to how to get your kid To eat healthier.  Don’t try it for a day or two.  Try it for a week minimum.


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