Kid’s Chores- How To Organize On School Nights

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School nights can be hard, making kid’s chores sometimes impossible to get completed.

Our kids are up early, they spend an entire day at school, and their jobs aren’t done when they get home.

My twin daughters are in third grade.  Not only do they have a decent amount of homework each night, they have household chores and a few other responsibilities to ensure they are ready for the next day.

Every night, I found that I was constantly asking my kids the same questions.

  • Is your homework completed?
  • Did you clean up your room?
  • Are your clothes set out for tomorrow?

I felt like I was being an annoying, nagging mom…and I didn’t like that.

I knew something had to change.

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How did I organize all of my kid’s chores?!


The Whiteboard

Due to my hopes of eliminating the nagging mom syndrome, I started using a whiteboard to list all of my kid’s chores.

Every night, I create a list for them. I make a column for each child, draw an empty box, and list out their chores.

Our kid’s chore list usually includes:

  • First: Homework that is due the next day
  • Second: Personal care (showering, putting on pajamas, brushing teeth)
    Yes, I know it’s sad but I have to remind them to BE CLEAN!  (I hope I’m not the only mom with this problem)
  • Finally: A few minimal household chores they are responsible for, like cleaning up their rooms

Our family keeps the whiteboard hung in the same spot every night.

Because of this it has become second nature for our kids to check the board several times a night.  All three kids know that they must complete each chore, and they are excited to check the chores off the list.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s really that simple!

Our family’s magical, all knowing, whiteboard has greatly eliminated the need for nagging that generally comes along with getting all of the nightly chores and homework completed.

Believe it or not, the whiteboard also give my kids the sense of accomplishment, security, and structure.  They really look forward to checking off each chore as they complete it!

In addition, I’d honestly also love to hang a huge whiteboard in our upstairs hallway.  I would have all types of information listed on it.  Like a “Frequently Asked Questions” section where I would put answers to the common questions that I am asked so often, like “What’s for dinner?”

Finally, I’d have another section for the schedule of the day, so everyone knows exactly what we are doing and when.

But maybe that’s going a little overboard?!  What do you think??

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Less Nagging, More Individual Responsibility

Well at least for now, the kid’s chores checklist works amazing! After dinner, I simply tell my daughters to get started on their list.

We don’t have snack time until the list is complete, and they know that. If your kids are anything like mine, they really look forward to snack time at night. So it is a perfect incentive to get their list completed!

Plus, no one is wondering or forgetting what they are supposed to be doing. They are each learning to take responsibility for their own homework and chores.

By bedtime, they have laid out their clothes for the next day and have packed their backpacks. Not only are our nights more organized, but it helps in the morning too!

Most Noteworthy Bonus: Because of implementing the whiteboard, I may even have a little chance to hang out with my husband before we head to bed.  This is due to the fact that I am no longer running around making sure everything is in order after my kids are in bed. Finally – everything is already done!

young girl making her bed doing kid's chores


By no means am I implying or going to say that all chaos and craziness have been eliminated from our home because of the whiteboard. But, as a result of taking just five minutes to organize my kid’s chores, things go smoothly… much, much, more smoothly.

So here’s how you start organizing your kid’s chores:

First, make a list of each thing you would like your child to do each night.  Most of these “to dos” will be tasks they should be doing anyway.

Next, add a few additional responsibilities.  Like maybe, folding the towels or assisting with the dishes.

Finally, make sure the entire household is on the same page. Talk about your family values and responsibilities.  Go over your Kid’s Chore Chart.  Explain why it’s important.

Let us know if you try this hack and what else you might add to your whiteboard.  Better yet, post a picture in the MLH Facebook Group!  We would love to see them!

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