How To Run A Lemonade Stand For Kids

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Think back to the good ole days… what was the first initiative you took to make some extra money besides chores? When I think back, I remember my 25-cent lemonade stand for kids. Chances are, you were a lemonade extraordinaire when you were a kid too.

I remember the sweet feeling of satisfaction when I made my first quarter. Nothing felt better than realizing that I made this money all by myself without asking my mom for help (minus the “donation” of ingredients).

Not only are lemonade stands a fun way to make some extra money, but they also teach important lessons to your children and spark some creativity in them!

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Below I explain what those lessons are and how to get creative in making your own lemonade stand for kids!

Lemonade stands teach valuable life skills.

Now that I’m a mom, I want to instill that entrepreneurial spirit in my daughter as well. Raising an entrepreneurial kid is so important because it teaches them that if you truly want something, you need to work for it. It teaches them to be independent and can help with money management skills too!

Of all the benefits a lemonade stand for kids offers, the most important to me is how to solve a problem creatively. Most of the time, people will just drive or walk by without a glance. In order to grab their attention, you have to do something to catch their eye.

It’s just a stand if you don’t have the lemonade.

First things first, you need the lemonade. After all, you can’t have a LEMONADE stand for kids without the LEMONADE.

You really can’t go wrong with a classic recipe. But if you really want to impress customers, offer them options.

Picture of mom's life hacks logo cartoon light bulb with a heart filament MLH Hack: Pinterest offers a million recipes for different flavors, here. Some recipes may require spending more money. But a simple cucumber lemonade option costs less than $1 extra than a classic recipe.

All you need is:

  • 2 cups of lemon juice
  • 1 cucumber
  • ⅔ of a cup of honey
  • 12 ice cubes
  • and 8 cups of water to make this refreshing beverage

You can find the full recipe here.

Make yourself stand out!

Maybe it’s a colorful and fun sign, or a crazy dance. Attracting the attention of passersby is the first and most important step to running a successful lemonade stand for kids. Next to having yummy lemonade, of course!

Whether it be a crazy dance routine or one of these awesome lemonade stands, making yourself stand out is the key to running a successful lemonade stand.

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Below are five awesome ways to make your lemonade stand for kids totally POP!

1. Show Off Your Dance Moves!

Nothing is better at grabbing attention than doing a silly dance. Whether it is choreographed or impromptu, doing a crazy dance will not only grab the attention of potential customers, but it will give your kiddo a great workout too!

I don’t know about you, but an activity that can tire my kids out AND teach them some pretty significant life skills? That’s a first place winner in my book.

2. Good Ole Fashioned Sign Holding

I remember back in my lemonade extraordinaire days, I grabbed attention by making signs that said “Honk if You’re Nice.” It’s the creative ideas like this one that lead to a successful stand.

The key to successfully grabbing attention with fun signs is to use vibrant colors that will catch the eye and by making your words BOLD so they’re easier for passersby to read.

Markers and poster boards are your little one’s best bet for a great sign. The size of the poster board makes it easier for passersby to see that you have a message for them, while the ink from markers makes it easier to write large, bold letters.

Cute little boy and girl running a lemonade stand for kids; holding a sign for $.25; Bear sitting on a chair

3. Advertise Around the Neighborhood

This is another great tried-and-true, timeless technique for spreading the word about your lemonade stand for kids. By making these signs to hang up and post around the neighborhood, it gives you an opportunity to have some fun family quality time with your kid.

Making fliers is really easy and can be done inexpensively with supplies from your local discount store. All you need is regular printer paper (or construction paper if you want to get fancy) and assorted color writing utensils (markers, crayons, pencils, etc..).

Afterward, to make it more fun, add some stickers or glitter to the flier to help it stand out even more!

4. Blast Your Lemonade Stand For Kids Business Online

If you want to be tech-forward, using social media to help your kiddo spread the word is a really helpful tool. Facebook events are easy to create and allow you to select who can and can’t see the details of the event.

Of course, it’s important to be careful about putting your information out there (like your name and address out there). But that’s why I like Facebook events so much. Facebook events gives you the opportunity to monitor who has RSVP’ed. It also gives you the power to choose how “private” or “public” you want to make the event.

Meanwhile, in utilizing this technique, it gives you the chance to talk to your kiddo about Internet safety and what you should and shouldn’t put out there.

While this may not be the best way to reach strangers, it is a fun way to invite family and friends over (and make them pay of course!).

5. Hit The Road

If business seems slow, break out the old wagon and take your show on the road! The weather is probably nice, so take a walk with your supplies to your nearest park and set up shop. In my opinion, it’s one of the best spots for a lemonade stand for kids!

It’s important to be careful with this one though because you need to make sure your little one is selling in a shared public space. They can’t sell on private property or on another business or building’s property.

However, before letting them go mobile, do some quick research to find out what places around you will or will not allow outside businesses. The best bet is to stick to sidewalks or public parks.

Just as important as teaching your kids to run a business, it is equally beneficial for them to know how to budget.

Lemonade Stands For Kids Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve always had the desire to be my own boss and to do something that can help others in some way. That’s why I chose to become a full-time writer.

Now, I’m sure my 25 cent lemonade stand wasn’t the entire reasoning behind me keeping that spirit alive, but it certainly was a contributing factor.

As a mother, it is one of my worst fears that my daughter won’t want to pursue her passions because of something I said or did. My family had always been supportive of my hopes and dreams. And despite many “donations” to my career as a lemonade stand extraordinaire, they still encouraged me to be me.

cutting lemons in half getting ready for a lemonade stand for kids; 4 whole; 2 cut in half; white background

Isn’t that something we all should strive for? If your kiddo has the same entrepreneurial spirit I mentioned, help them put together a lemonade stand for kids.

After you kids earn the money here are some tips to teach them how to save the money!

They will have the time of their life and learn some invaluable life skills. Plus, you will have an amazing bonding opportunity with them.

Do you have any of your own tips for our lemonade extraordinaires out there? Let us know!

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