In Her Shoes Super Mom Video Interview: The Loss Of A Child

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When I was first presented this story for our In Her Shoes Video Interview Series, my heart completely broke. I cannot imagine experiencing the loss of a child.

However, I couldn’t help but think how heartbreaking this must have been for Sonya! And I knew then that I wanted to speak with and interview her.

We’re hoping that this story will be one to help you get through any tough times you may be having. Or maybe you have also experienced this same situation, the loss of a child.

At any rate, we’re hoping this provides some support to you.

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Loss of a Child – Super Mom Video Interview

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Sonya is the CEO of Chase Passions, Inc. – owner of Eye Love Beauty. Sonya has always worked in the beauty industry. She did a lot of work in distribution and sales, traveling 80-90 % of the week.

April 7th, 2016. The day of the loss of her child. It was her 23 year old son, Chase. It has only been a year and a half since the tragedy occurred, and it is still just as heartbreaking.

Chase was a great kid. He was extremely smart and motivated. Ever since he was in fifth grade, Sonya could tell he was going to be an attorney! Graduating from the University of Minnesota, he had two bachelor degrees under his belt. Although he was close to a third.

He wanted to go to law school and become an attorney. He was always involved in youth and government. Working in the government was his passion. He was working in a law firm for a few years as a law clerk. Amongst other part time side jobs!

“The day”

At any rate, he was working in his office one day alone at his desk.

A defendant had hired the law firm (a criminal defense firm) to represent him with a few charges he had in the past. (A DUI, violence against an officer, a drive-by shooting of a house, etc.)

So on this particular day, the defendant was angry because he couldn’t park where he wanted to outside of his place of business. He tried calling his attorney, but wasn’t receiving responses because the attorney was in court. Consequently this made the defendant very angry.

Meanwhile, he was even texting and calling his girlfriend indicating that he was going to “shoot my attorney”.

The defendant was a convicted felon, and therefore never should have had a gun. He shot 8 rounds into Chase’s chest. Chase unfortunately never had a chance of survival.

Sonya’s son was first shot through a window that he sat in front of. It is said that the defendant had looked through the office for other people, but strangely enough no one was there.

The defendant had fled the scene, but luckily was captured later in the day.

And luckily in Minnesota, it is a life in prison without parole sentence for murdering a person.

Incidentally Sonya has joined a POMC group – “Parents of Murdered Children”. This helps her with the healing process of the loss of a child.

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“The day she found out”

Sonya had just moved into a new home here in Florida. Her mother was visiting and they were out getting their nails done, having a nice day.

Sonya’s ex-husband had called her, and she had this instinct feeling that something was wrong. She originally thought it was about her ex father-in-law because he was very sick.

But then her ex-husband said “This is about Chase. He was hurt. Shot. He’s being taken to the hospital now. He should be fine, and will need surgery.”

Then, Sonya’s daughter had arrived to their house and Sonya told her, but everything didn’t seem real yet. Sonya was on the phone for what seemed like hours. Calling her ex-husband, calling the hospital.

Be that as it may, 20 minutes had gone by and Chase still wasn’t at the hospital, when she knows it’s only about a 2-minute drive away.

Now inside the house, she walked into the next room to see her fiance, and he told her that it was fatal. He saw it online. Most noteworthy, she found out that her son had died from the news on the internet. That’s not typically the way you expect to find out about the loss of a child.

“What happened next in her life”

Sonya, her fiance, and her daughter all got a tattoo on the anniversary of Chase’s passing to honor him. It was a tattoo that Chase had actually gotten on his 21st birthday.

Then one day, Sonya was let go from her job. She had to think about what to do now. She had always loved the beauty industry and thought she’d create her own business based off of that.

Ultimately, Sonya had the idea to name her business from her son, Chase. He was a very passionate person. Beauty is one of Sonya’s passions. So ‘Chase Passions’ was born.


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“What she learned”

Her POMC (“Parents of Murdered Children”) group has helped tremendously. She learned that life is going to be okay. You will go through changes in life, maybe more tragic changes, but life will still move on and be all right.

When you’re that new mom, cry. In fact, it’s okay to fall apart. And being a part of this group, there are other moms to help you through these tough times. They are there for support and for a shoulder to cry on if you need it.

Meanwhile, Sonya is doing fine these days, considering the circumstances. Of course, she misses Chase tremendously. Her love for him will never go away. The grief may never go away either, but with the loss of a child that’s common. It is all right if it never does.

All you can do is try to move on day by day. And of course keep the memory alive.

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