5 Awesome Mom and Daughter Vacation Ideas

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Summertime is always my favorite time of the year. Now that I have a daughter, my love for summer has elevated to a whole other level. Being a mom to a girl is the best because you always have a little best friend to talk to and do fun things with. But of all the fun perks of being a mom to a girl, in my opinion the best is definitely mom and daughter vacation ideas!

However, when planning a fun girls trip for you and your daughter, it is important to plan together. If one of you likes one thing and the other hates it, that isn’t going to make for a very fun getaway. Moms and kids who plan together, have fun together!

I’m still waiting for my daughter to get a little older, but I’ve already started a list of mom and daughter vacation ideas and activities I want to do with her later on. I know a lot of you struggle with finding fun things to do, and that’s probably why you’re here.

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To make your planning process easier, I’m going to let you in on my top 5 mom and daughter vacation ideas.



For those who want to relax:

A Spa Weekend

If you’re looking for a way to unwind once the school year is over, what better way to do that than spending a weekend at a spa? Nothing says hello to summer like a fresh mani/pedi and massage! Having all that time to sit back and relax opens up opportunities to reconnect with your daughter and catch up with each other.

This may not be the best option for moms with toddlers or really young little ones. You’ll probably spend more time chasing them around trying to get them to sit still instead of actually relaxing.

Can you imagine a one year old sitting back while somebody massages her feet? If I tried that with my daughter right now, I’d get a swift kick in the nose and she’d be off and running in under a second. LOL

This first of my five mom and daughter vacation ideas is one I definitely suggest for moms and their daughters aged 8+.


For the thrill seeker:

Amusement Park Tour

This idea was totally inspired by Gilmore Girls and I have no shame. If you and your daughter are anything like Lorelai and Rory (ultimate mom/daughter goals), then a nationwide (or regional, totally up to you) “amusement park tour” may be the perfect vacation for you.

There are more than 400 amusement parks in the United States, so you certainly have a pretty good option pool. Chances are, if you type “amusement parks near me” into Google, you’ll get a ton within a 50 mile radius. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, you can certainly adjust your radius to a bigger area or smaller area.

Whichever you choose, I highly recommend Cedar Point and its affiliated waterparks. Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, OH. It is home to some major record breaking coasters as well as other attractions.

This activity could be fun for any age. But you would have to do some serious researching to make sure they have accommodations and attractions for small children. I can personally vouch for Cedar Point and its waterparks, as I’ve been there an obscene amount of times.

Cedar Point offers roller coasters for the major thrill seekers and smaller attractions for the more hesitant. It also has a children’s area with kiddie coasters. Plus, there’s so much more! This is for sure one of the more fun mom and daughter vacation ideas.

You can learn more about Cedar Point here.


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For the theater buffs and shopaholics:

New York City

Everybody loves a little retail therapy. What better place to get your therapy dose than the Big Apple itself? From local mom and pop shops to big name brands, you are surrounded by items waiting to be purchased.

New York City can get a little dangerous for your bank account, but as long as you take the time to properly plan your trip, your bank account will make it out alive with just a few minor bumps and bruises. As far as mom and daughter vacation ideas go, a trip to the Big Apple could not be more fun!

If you and your daughter are junkies for the musical theater, you can also always pop on over to Broadway to see a show or two. There are a ton of performances happening throughout the summer, from The Lion King to Wicked to Kinky Boots.

If you’re seriously thinking about seeing a Broadway show, I could not recommend Kinky Boots enough. Despite its risque name, the message behind the show is an important one for all to know.

To see a list of everything on Broadway this summer, click here.


For the (non?) outdoorsy types:

Camping or Glamping

Does your family love the outdoors? Great, camping is perfect for you. Not so keen on the idea of sleeping on the ground? That’s alright, there’s something for you too: Glamping.

We all know what classic “Camping” is. Campfires, S’mores and tents, right? But there is another form of camping that has risen in popularity as of late. “Glamping” is essentially camping, but without any of the (non)-amenities that come with camping.

Glamping is sleeping in extravagant tents or RV’s, getting mani/pedis, and basically anything else you would do inside when not camping, but in a “campout” setting. This is one of those mom and daughter vacation ideas that could be perfect. It’s a great mix of “girl time” while still being in ‘the great outdoors’!

Some people may be negative toward the idea of glamping as it kind of defeats the whole purpose. But as a fan of both rough camping and pamper camping, I can say that each one has its own pros and cons.

Depending on how old your little girl is, she may love dressing just like you. If so, you must check out our article to see some of the cutest ideas!

For Mental Stimulation:

Museum Tour

Just because the school year has come to an end doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Your kids may cringe at the idea of learning over the summer (Oh, the horror!). But there are so many museums that offer fun bits of knowledge, and your little ones may not even realize they’re learning something!

With interactive museums, art museums, history and science museums – there are a ton of options to choose from that accommodate the entire family. Some of my personal favorites are history museums. I love learning about people, places and events of the past.

Taking your daughter to a history museum, like the Holocaust museum in Michigan or the Wright Brothers Memorial in North Carolina, will help them get in touch with the past and quite possibly relate to a few historical figures along the way.

Museums are a great way to instill a sense of culture in children. And for that reason is why this trip is one of the awesome mom and daughter vacation ideas. It is the perfect summer vacation spot for people who may not want to spend all summer in the sand.

mom and daughter vacation ideas at the beach together on the rocks

There are so many mom and daughter vacation ideas and options to choose from when planning a trip with your little girl.

But by narrowing down your results through finding activities that interest both of you, your decision making process will be that much easier!

What kinds of summer vacations are you planning with your daughters? Let us know below! We love new ideas!

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