Like many mompreneurs I lacked a morning routine, my days can be really busy. Scratch that, it gets totally hectic. Between taking care of the kids, my husband, our pets, the house, my work…yikes!

I was taking care of everyone and everything but myself. My mornings usually started with me stumbling out of the bed after hitting the snooze a million times and starting a mad dash to get everybody out the door and start my day. This usually involved yelling and threats.

….Can you relate??

I felt tired, irritated and unfocused by the time I sat down to work. I knew self care was important for keeping my mind, soul and body healthy. I can be a much better mom, wife and businesswomen when I take care of me first.

Now I knew the benefits of self care but I couldn’t figure out how to find time for it. So here’s what I’ve learned to do in my self care morning routine that benefits me all day.

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As a busy mom I need a set morning routine to ensure I take time for self-care.  This way I am ready to handle whatever comes my way!

  1. Set Up The Night Before – The first thing you have to do in order have a good morning is to have a good night. Prepping the night before definitely makes mornings so much easier. I lay out everyone’s clothes, prep lunches, school forms, even breakfast items the night before to get six people up and out with as little drama as possible.
  2. Get Up Early – To be honest this was the hardest for me, I am a natural night owl mostly because I love the time alone while everyone is asleep. However, I’ve switched that alone time to the morning. Now I get up at least an hour or more before anyone else. It allows to me gather myself slowly without feeling rushed.
  3. Drink Lemon Water – As soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of lemon water. Room temperature lemon water jump starts the digestion and rehydrates the body. I put it on the nightstand as part of my night prep because I hate to jump straight out
    of the bed every morning.
  4. Journal – As I drink my lemon water I do a 3-5 minute journal entry. This is sometimes a venting of something plaguing me or
    sometimes I jot down idea that came to me in dreams or just general goals or feelings I’m having. The basic idea is to get all the jumbled thoughts and feelings out so I can start my day focused.woman in blue shirt writing in journal as part of morning routine
  5. Exercise – Yoga is fairly new for me however, I’m quickly becoming obsessed. Although I do catch an occasional class, my favorite thing to do is pull up a video on my TV ( I subscribe to the Yoga channel) or and practice alone. Most days I do a 15-20 min yoga practice. Maybe once a week I substitute Yoga for a 20 minute brisk walk instead.
  6. Meditate – This is also a new practice for me but is now a necessity. I have ADD so I never thought I’d be able to meditate. Using a fantastic app called Headspace is a lifesaver. They have guided meditations in various lengths right on my phone I can access at anytime.If you are looking to get started I used a 14-Day Guided Meditation Challenge on that helped me tremendously. After meditation I find myself feeling calmer and focused.
  7. Make Coffee – Besides being caffeine addict, yes I know it’s bad for me. The smell of fresh brewed coffee makes me feel like I’m ready to begin before I even take the first sip.  Coffee puts me in happy place 🙂
  8. Plan my day – With my coffee and sometimes breakfast, I sit down with my Day Designer and plan out my day. Because my days are super busy with freelance work, my magazine, my businesses, my family and well…just regular life. I use a one page per day planner. This keeps my entire day organized so everything from conference calls with an advertiser, to picking up dry cleaning and what’s for dinner is all planned in one place.The most important is to schedule my “GOTTA DOs” These are the 3-5 most important things that MUST be done that day. If I get my gotta dos done, I feel I’ve made good progress for the day

Once all of the above is taken care of, it’s time for my family to wake up and officially start the day.

By establishing a self care morning routine, I’ve taken some time to take care of my mind, body, soul before the day’s tasks overwhelm me.

I feel calm and focused and ready to tackle my day and my family gets a mom who’s ready to be Superwoman!  I would LOVE to hear about your morning routine!  Please comment below and let us know how you get ready to take on your Superwoman role each day!

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