New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas – To Sequin Or Not To Sequin

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When we’re picking out a New Year’s Eve outfit the big question a lot of us are asking this year as we shop the stores…

To sequin or not to sequin…

Years ago when picking out a New Year’s Eve outfit or during the holiday was the only time I would break out the sequins!

These days, sequins can be worn year-round, not just as a  New Year’s Eve Outfit.  However, I noticed that there are so many variations of sequins.  And it’s important we really understand the do’s and don’ts of this banging bling!

We see sequins in almost every magazine we pick up as we stand in line at the register.

You may have noticed many of the trend setters wearing it.   Whether it’s the glittery shoe, a full sequin dress, or a cute mini skirt and top… they look fabulous!

So from head to toe, we’ve got detailed decisions to make for the right look this holiday season.

Check these out for some New Year’s Eve outfit ideas!

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I’m about to give you the low down on sparkle on sequins!  The when to, how to’s, and at what price to!

After this lesson you’ll be able to pull a great New Year’s Eve outfit together in no time!

A little History…


I began to wonder… Where on earth did these little guys sprinkled throughout almost every store floor come from?

Was Michael Jackson—a major arbiter of the style—responsible?

Or, perhaps a ’70s/’80s-era designer?

Not even close, actually!

woman wearing a green retro sequin New Year's Eve OutifitAfter digging around for the answer, what we found was entirely unexpected: Sequins can be traced all the way back to the one and only King Tut, who was alive from 1341 to 1323 B.C.

According to Smithsonian magazine, when Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, his garments were covered in “gold sequin-like disks.” Historians believe they were meant to ensure his financial stability in the afterlife.

Evidently, the monetary association held up, as the word sequin is derived from the Arabic sikka, which stands for “coin.” Sewing these discs—usually made of gold or other precious metals—onto clothing worked as a status symbol.   In some cases, they doubled as actual coins for trading.  Egypt, India, and Peru, they were also considered capable of warding off evil spirits.

Eventually, they became purely decorative, popping up on the intricate garments of Victorian women and men and experiencing a resurgence in the 1920s after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb.

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Funny enough, since sequins were made of gelatin at the time!   It was not uncommon to have your sequins melt if your body grew too hot or you got caught in the rain.

Let’s pause to imagine all the New Year’s Eve outfit ideas that would go to waste if that were the case today.


Luckily, it’s not. A man named Herbert Lieberman worked with Eastman Kodak (yep, of that Kodak) to develop acetate sequins inspired by the acetate film the company had been using. Still quite flimsy.   They were eventually coated in Mylar and then dumped entirely for the vinyl plastic renditions we’re used to today.

Sequins Among Us….

You may have noticed every store carrying one version or another of bling!  From shiny shoes, to outfits, casual tops or dressy ones, there’s certainly a way to maintain your own personal pizzaz with sequins.  Formerly known as a great item for arts and crafts, the following guide will help you get started on using sequins to craft your perfect party look!



beautiful woman wearing gold sequin New Year's Eve Outfit

  1. A sequin dress: then you’ll want to wear minimal jewelry. Stick to earrings only.  Let your glittery garb shine for all to see!
  2. A sequin top: wear it with a pair of high waist slacks or a silky plead skirt, again stick to earrings but this time choose a pair that’s bolder in the same color as the fabulous top.
  3. A sequin bottom: I recommend that you wear it with a loose silky top and this time you can add a necklace to complete the look.
  4. A sequin top and bottom: keep it simple, just earrings with a nice pop of color lipstick will complete the look. Feel free to add an extra layer such as a blazer or coat. This will tone down the bling.
  5. Lastly if you just want to dress up your favorite pants and a nice solid top, how about wearing a sequin blazer? If this is your choice then feel free to add your favorite necklace piece with a pair of sexy heels…

To Pair or Pare the Bling?
Here are some of my best New Year’s Eve outfit ideas.


A glittery top can be a shiny sight, so it’s important to know when to pair it with other dressy items, and when to simply pare it down.  Dark or ripped jeans and heels can be a very sexy, edgier look to the more traditional dressed up way to wear your sequins.

And a glittery bottom does not fall behind, whether it is a mini skirt, shorts or pants, these can be pared down. A cotton blouse or tee with a perfectly fitted blazer can be a very edgy, sexy and casual look.

Who says a sequin purse is only for night time? This is a great accessory that can be worn all year round!  You can take it with you to your next girls brunch.  A sequin purse can absolutely be the best statement piece to complete your easy going and casual look.

How Much To Spend On Your Bling ….


You can wear bling all year round by simply mixing pieces in different fabrics to dress down your sequence piece.   How much to spend on your piece is more of a personal choice.

However if you’re like me, you like bargains. Here is a great link to find your ideal dress..

woman laying on top of clothes and shoes looking for a New Year's Eve Outfit

As for you New Year’s Eve Outfit, There’s no better time than now to go all out and shine like a star.

Now is the time to kick your holiday-party look up a notch!  A glitzy garment piece is also perfect for any night out during this 2016 holiday fashion season!

**Oh, and if you need some fabulous lashes to go with your fabulous New Year’s Eve outfit check this out!

Hope you enjoy and wear some of these New Year’s Eve outfit ideas! Let us know what looks are your favorites!

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