Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms: 5 Toddler-Friendly Chores

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I keep reading all of these quick cleaning tips for busy moms; you know, which chores your child should be doing by a certain age.  I am not fully a “Type A” person, but when it comes to cleaning, I want to ensure that it is done correctly the first time.

I am also really bad about showing my son how to do it. Then when he attempts,

I end saying, “Here, let mommy show you.” Then I just do it myself … sound familiar??

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware at how important it is for a child to learn how to help around the house, but I also know that there are plenty of things my toddler can help with that don’t require me to clean up after their “cleaning”.

This is how I ended up creating my list of quick cleaning tips for busy moms. Which also happen to be chores my toddler can do. This helps me out because I do not have to go back and fix them!

There are so many tasks my son wants to help with, but he’s still a little too young.  For instance, he loves the vacuum. So I usually only let him clean up big messes, like spilled cereal, crushed chips or the innards of a stuffed animal.

However, if I walk out of the room for one minute, I come back to my little boy giving himself hickeys with the vacuum hose.  I just love explaining those marks to family and friends … LOL

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5 toddler-friendly chores that are amazing quick cleaning tips for busy moms!

Here are a few things that I let my four-year-old son do to help out around the house. These are definitely quick cleaning tips for busy moms that are easy enough for toddlers. And mommies won’t have to clean up after them!


Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Toddlers #1:

Picking up toys

I started keeping all the shoeboxes from when we buy shoes and putting them in my son’s room to use as storage.

He chooses the boxes for which toys he wants to put in them, and if the box is full, we donate the extras.  I believe that if he has a shoebox full, then that is more than enough toys to have. And that way, the extras can go to children who don’t have as many toys.

Donating toys on a regular basis is also a good way to ensure that we don’t end up with an abundance of toys that will just end up cluttering his floor anyway.  I let him decorate the boxes himself so that he knows what goes in each box. For example, matchbox cars, Legos, toy trains, TV figurines, action figures, etc.

We do have one big toy box for larger items such as stuffed animals, since they don’t tend to fit in a shoebox.  When it is time for him to pick up his toys, he puts them in their designated boxes and mommy doesn’t have to blow a gasket from stepping on another Lego.


Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Toddlers #2:

Weeding through artwork

My son is very proud of his artwork, but he doesn’t have a deep attachment to it.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad for him, but it is perfect for me.  Every day he brings home like 100 pieces of artwork that he has done at school.  Holy cow, does it pile up if not taken care of right away!

Now every day when he gets home, I pull out his folder, and we look over everything.  I “ooh” and “ahh” because I’m a good mom and I can see how much he is improving, but I just don’t have room to keep it all.

After we have looked through it all, I hold up each piece, and he tells me if he wants to keep it or not.  He will then throw out what he doesn’t want to keep.  Most of the time we throw out every piece he has brought home.

Of course, there are a few select pieces that are in his memory box, on the fridge or we have given out to family members.


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Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Toddlers #3:

Helping with the laundry

As I gather yet another hamper full of clothes to put into the machine, he moves the clothes that are done from the washer to the dryer.

I have the settings preset on the dryer, so he just has to hit power and start.  He gets so excited about starting the dryer and feels very proud that he can work it himself.

Collecting hangers from closets is another way he helps.  We use this chore to work on his counting skills.  I will tell him a number of hangers he has to get for me, or I will say ten little hangers, ten large hangers. Then he will count them out and carry them to me. Once I put the clothes on the hangers, he puts them back into the closets.

Putting away his laundry – All of his cubbies for his clothes are at his height so he can put his clothes away once I’ve folded them.  There are separate cubbies for socks, underwear, shorts, pants, and pajamas.  His shirts are put on hangers, and he can hang those up once I’m done with those.


Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Toddlers #4:

Putting away groceries

My son has his own snack drawer for all of his snacks that he can grab and go as needed.

He has never been one to take too much or eat when it’s close to dinnertime, so that is why I’ve given him his drawer.  When we go to the store and stock up on his cereal bars, applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, mandarin oranges, and goldfish.

He will then take them out of their big box and put the individual pouches in his drawer.  This will keep him busy until I am done putting all of the other groceries away.


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Quick Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms and Toddlers #5:

Helping with outside chores

We have a few plants on our back porch that are in pots, and he will water those in the Spring/Summer.

Last year we went to the store where he picked out his very own watering can, which was very exciting for him.  It’s red, his favorite color.

This chore is fun because he loves to play with water and he is helping me out.  He will also pick up sticks that have fallen off the trees.  This is awesome because it gets out his extra energy.

quick cleaning tips for busy moms with toddlers mother and a little girl wipe the dust and vacuum the floor

While helping around the house should be a given, children around my son’s age may not understand that yet. So try a little encouragement upon completion of the chores.

In my opinion, what works best for me is that I give my son a piece of his leftover Easter candy.  What I love about children my son’s age is that they are so eager to help.

So ensure that when your child asks to help next time you are doing chores, have something for them to do before their urge to help passes!

Well that’s my list of quick cleaning tips for busy moms that include help from my toddler!

What are some chores that your child helps with?

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