Spring Break Family Vacation Ideas

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Yes, it’s that time again… Time to start brainstorming your spring break family vacation ideas!  The days are getting longer. Soon before we know it, the snow will have melted; the flowers will bloom; birds and bees will begin to create the sweet sound of Spring.

Which means, your kids have another week of school vacation.

So, where do you want to go??

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Helping you create a fun and memorable experience, I have put together a list of spring break family vacation ideas to inspire you!

You can….

Visit Family or Friends

When I was growing up in Maryland, visiting Florida was our go-to spring break destination. Due to the fact that my grandparents and aunt lived in Florida. It was a free place to stay that provided a change of scenery and fun activities for the entire family. We spent most of our days at the pool or beach, and could not have been happier about it.

Road Trip

As mentioned above, we always drove from Maryland to Florida. But I wouldn’t exactly define that as a proper Road Trip. So, add a few destinations along the way to ensure you have a proper road trip on your hands. Further more, why not visit a National Park or two. You don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to go on a really memorable road trip with your family.

Take a Cruise

Another one of the excellent spring break family vacation ideas is cruises. Cruises definitely give you that change of weather and escape-from-the-cold feel. However, it is a popular time of year to cruise so rates are much higher.  In addition, to the great weather, the thing  I love about cruising is there is something for everyone, especially if there is a big age gap in the family.


I’m not a winter sports person. I’m not even really a sports person. But if you are, Montana, Colorado, and Lake Tahoe sound like excellent places! You can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, or mountain lodge time by the fire drinking hot cocoa (in my case 🙂 ). This would be a fun idea for families who live in Southern States, like mine does.

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Enjoy Thrill Rides at Theme Parks

Spring break trumps summer break for Florida or California theme parks. But this too is an incredibly popular time of year to attend theme parks. If you have your eye on Walt Disney World or Universal Studios and you can’t make it any other time of year, then by all means plan a trip!

Summer is excruciatingly hot and crowded. Spring is much more enjoyable. Just start your planning today and lock down your lodging and dining reservations ASAP! And secure those advance rider tickets.

Planning in advance will make for a much better experience. Always.

Check Out Easter Market in Europe

Flights to Europe are cheaper in spring than they are in summer. The weather might not be as good, but you can still have an educational and cultural experience that is quite delightful.

If your child’s spring break falls before Easter, many cities in Europe have great Easter Markets with activities for children, food, and sweets.

Visit a Volcano in Costa Rica

I haven’t been to Costa Rica with my children yet, but once they are tall enough to zipline, we are going! This is a great spring break family vacation idea. I would look into flying in to San Jose. Spend two days near Manual Antonio National Park, visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, and definitely make a visit to Volcan Arenal!

Costa Rica is one of the most tourist friendly countries. The beaches are beautiful, the mountains are wonderful, and the people are lovely. It’s perfect for any family who loves nature and adventure.

Stay Close to Home

While all of the above sound absolutely amazing, why not stay close to home?  Every few years we would rent a hotel at our local beach in Ocean City, Maryland. It wasn’t warm. Not everything was open. We couldn’t really go swimming in the ocean. But our hotel had a heavily chlorinated indoor pool that we loved.

We would still play in the sand on the chilly beach. We bought sweatshirts with hoods that said Ocean City on them to keep us warm. And we also rented bikes and rode down the boardwalk to play games in the arcade.

Spring Break Family Vacation Ideas on chalk board on beach with a toy plane

Twenty-five years later, I am still so happy and in love with the times I spent spring break with my family. Whether it was exploring my hometown, at the beach, in the cold, at theme parks – every trip we took together as a family was so memorable.

Finally, no matter what you decide to do this spring break, make sure it is time spent with your loved ones; unplugged so that you can recharge, connect, and bond with one another.

What are some of your favorite spring break family vacation ideas? Comment and let us know below!

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