8 Awesome Home Hacks for Spring Decorating Ideas

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Finally! Old man winter is almost gone. And by now you’ve hopefully planned your family vacations for spring to get over the winter blues. With no shortage of Spring decorating ideas at your disposal, you’re probably roaring to take back your home and upgrade it for the Spring.

… Oh but if it only wasn’t so time-consuming!

Which is why this helpful list of our busy moms home hacks will help you plow through your springtime to-do list much faster, while making your home more youthful, vibrant and bright.

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Here is my list of 8 useful hacks to clean out your home and make way for spring decorating ideas!

Spring Decorating Ideas: Hack #1

Upgrade Your Organization

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE shopping at Dollarama/Dollar Tree/dollar stores. While the case used to be that you’d get items for cheap, they were also cheaply made with low-quality materials.

However, those days are a thing of the past. Whenever I head into any dollar store, I immediately head for the plastic bin section. On any given month I spend around $15-30 on just storage bins alone!

We know the importance of keeping our home tidy is an uphill battle (which we sometimes feel like we’re losing). That’s why having a system that works is critical to keeping a functioning and clean home.

Therefore, there’s no better organization system to have than one that involves a lot of bins – of all sizes. YouTube is a great resource for a bunch of organization DIY ideas.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Hack #2

Set-up Automated Savings

With spring fast approaching and summer just behind it, there’s no shortage of kids hollering for this toy and that toy. I swear, sometimes it’s as if they want everything in the world!

For this reason (among many others) money management is not just important but it is also crucial towards keeping your day-to-day sanity. This is why having automated deposits from your paycheck into your savings account is key.

Really – who has time to go to the bank and spend an extra 5-10 minutes making all kinds of transfers?  I don’t – do you?  As a matter of fact, to make things even easier, some banks allow you to deposit checks through their mobile app!  What a time saver!

First and foremost, if you’ve already set up a system like this, you are on your way! That’s one simple step and a great start. It shows you are super savvy when it comes to handling money.  The amount of money you save is well worth the time.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Hack #3

Harness Beautiful Plants That Save Lives

This is another great hack. Aside from making your home look more lovely, clean and fresh, the benefits of houseplants are astounding. I personally love the smell of spring they bring into my home.

Now let’s be clear, we are not just talking about any house plants – oh no. As a matter of fact, there are certain plants that improve the quality of our lives, such as helping us breathe easier (by cleaning the air) and fight off illnesses.

A few of these plants that are really great to incorporate into your spring decorating ideas are:

  • Lavender.  These beautiful flowers can be turned into essential oils, which help our skin and promote a full-night’s sleep. When ground up into a tea, our digestive tracts ease up and help calm us down during stressful times.
  • Daffodils.  When these are crushed up, they can be applied to open wounds and actually help heal them at a quicker rate. Plus, they also act as a herbal pain relief for arthritis sufferers. When you’re in pain, simply pick a few bulbs from your vase/jar and grind them up.
  • Snake plants.  These tall life-savers don’t need a lot of sunlight or water to survive. The real beauty of snake plants comes from their absorption of carbon dioxide – while releasing oxygen during the night. This is a really helpful plant to have, as most plants expel oxygen only during the day.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Hack #4

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Personally, I can’t stand soap bars. As a matter of fact, my skin is actually allergic to them.  And there are quite a few dinky-sized soap dispensers at stores, but those are too small for my needs – I need something that lasts.

Enter: mason jar soap dispensers. These time (and money) savers take the cake when it comes to hand-washing.
You can even make your own with just a few supplies you probably have around the house!

These pieces really do add a very charming look to your sink. I personally like to tie a wide ribbon into a bow (obviously a spring colored ribbon) around the top of the jar. I even try to coordinate the color of the soap to the ribbon.

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Spring Break Decorating Ideas: Hack #5

Make Your Own Vases

Do you have any glass bottles lying around? Almost everyone does, right? Well, wash them out and put your favorite flowers in them for an added spice of luxury!

Near me is a store called Boynton Beach Flower Market.  They sell flowers wholesale.  I walk in with $10 in my pocket and leave with 3 big gorgeous bundles.  This is something I incorporate at least once a week in my spring decorating ideas.

 MLH Hack: Incidentally you can also tie individual bottles together, using either twine or an EXTREMELY durable rubber band, to give your centerpiece a more ‘unified’ and more dazzling look.

Spring Break Decorating Ideas: Hack #6

Do the old ‘Switch-A-Roo”

This is super simple but makes a huge impact.  You can make simple changes by swapping out …

  • Throw pillows on your couch
  • Dish towels hanging on your stove or placed on your counter
  • Place mats on your table
    • Remember, you are going to want to choose something in bright pastel tones.
    • Furthermore, these are going to look absolutely great with the repurposed vases below.

Spring Break Decorating Ideas: Hack #7:

 Rejuvenate Plain Lampshades

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love our next hack!   I’m guessing you’re probably sick of looking at the same lampshade for months on end. Rather than take a trip to your thrift shop or lighting special retail outlet for expensive shades, buy several stripe-patterned ribbons and a hot glue gun (don’t worry, use it once and you will wonder why you haven’t had one sooner!).

This is almost a must-do with your kids. They are going to love helping you pick the ribbons out to make your current lampshades more youthful and fun – keeping right in time with the feel-good sunshine days ahead.

Hack #8: Spring Decorating Tips: 

Good ol’ Fashioned Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just a necessity – it’s the perfect way to de-stress and de-clutter our lives. The amount of junk that piles up in my home and garage each winter makes me miserable. (May can’t come fast enough!)

Hence why when I came across a flow chart that helped me choose what items to throw out, I flew over the moon!
Even though that flow-chart is helpful, there are still a few items that must be discarded at the first sign of all-day sunshine.

These things typically include:

  • Magazines you’ve had for years (and never read – guilty!)
  • Receipts and bills unneeded for tax purposes
  • Donate clothes your family hasn’t worn in two years
  • Expired medicine and supplements
  • Expired makeup
  • Bras and underwear that will never come back from the dead
    • You know the ones we mean… the ones you would be embarrassed if you were arrested or brought to the hospital in them.
    • Holes…ripped…over-stretched elastic….yup… time to dump those suckers!
  • Spices (most have only a few years in them, and lose all flavor afterwards. I’m looking at you, paprika!)
    • A friend once made me pull an old bottle of spices out of my pantry and dump a little on my hand…
    • Guess what we found… when we held it up to the light – itty, bitty, tiny bugs…GROSS
 modern interior Spring decorating ideas with flowers

In conclusion, de-cluttering your home, clearing your mind, and tossing away the old, gives your family some much-needed space to start new family DIY weekend ideas.

Furthermore we would love to hear from you!  What are some springtime decorating ideas or hacks you’ve mastered over the years? Let us know below!   We are always looking to learn how to do better – and more brilliantly 🙂

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