5 Adorable Ideas For Matching Spring Outfits

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The grueling winter months are slowly coming to a close and that means no more bundling up “A Christmas Story”-style and saying hello to adorable spring outfits.

As an “almost toddler” mom (my daughter will be a year old in a few days), it’s important to find clothes for her that aren’t a huge hassle to wriggle on and off. That means snappies and buttoned clothing are pretty scarce in our household because every mom, new and old, knows how big of a hassle buttons can be, especially with a wiggly toddler. Getting them dressed can be an olympic sport.

Furthermore to complicate things, Spring weather can get a bit unpredictable, especially here in Ohio where it can be sunny one day and cold & rainy the next.

Making sure our little ones are dressed for the weather is the most important part about choosing an outfit. However, an almost equally important part is making sure they not only look practical for the occasion, but stylish as well!

As the yucky cold weather goes away, the outings and holidays come closer.

Consequently, choosing what to wear for all of those playdates and family get-togethers can get pretty stressful.

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So sit back, relax and let me help make your spring outfits decision 100x easier!

Dressy & Dainty

With Spring comes a handful of holidays. Christians celebrate Easter and in Judaism, they celebrate Passover. Both holidays usually require you to dress nice and spend time with family.

As moms, we know darn well there’s no way we can keep our little ones from making a mess all over themselves, so when thinking about spring outfits and special occasion dresses, I try to scope out ones that won’t show off stains for the world to see.

As pretty as white dresses are, they are easily the most impractical clothing choice you could possibly go for.

Therefore, my advice for you would be to find a color or print that hides stains well like navy blue or plaid, because if you’re anything like me, nothing drives you crazier than a yucky stain on a pretty spring outfit!


I was perusing Etsy for Mommy & Me outfits (Yes, I’m THAT mom) and I found these really cute, floral mommy & me skater skirts. These would look really cute paired with a solid colored T-shirt in grey or black. If you’re feeling extra brave, pair it with a solid pink or orange shirt to match the floral details!

Match spring outfits - floral skirts for mom and daughter



As far as shoes go, a pair of flats in a color that would match any of the floral detail colors of the skirt would complete this adorable outfit.

Rainy Day Chic

When you think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind is rain, right? It sure does for me. If it weren’t for rain, I think Spring would be my favorite season.

Honestly, rain isn’t all that bad, but if you aren’t prepared for it, disaster will surely ensue as a result. Whenever I think about dressing for rainy spring weather, I always get horrible flashbacks to those gaudy yellow plastic ponchos you could get at any corner store. Luckily for us, rain couture has evolved from those ugly yellow trash bags they tried to pass off as a poncho.

Meanwhile, I scoured Google and several shopping websites for what seemed like hours and sadly, but I couldn’t find any affordable mommy and me options for raincoats. Everything I saw would turn out to be $80+.

Instead, I found these adorable options so both you and your little girl can rock those rainy day chic spring outfits.

For your little one:

I found this adorable ladybug ensemble on the Target website. I’m a big sucker for themed outfits, so when I saw this Cat & Jack raincoat, I fell in love. It certainly gets extra points in my book for being so affordable as well (it retails at just $19.99)!

These Western Chief ladybug welly boots are really cute, but retailing at $30.00, it may be hard to justify the purchase.

In any case, I recommend perusing Zulily for cute options to match. Zulily offers a zillion different name brands for up to 70% of their regular retail value. You really can’t score a better deal than that!

If you love this ladybug ensemble as much as I do, finish your little one’s look with a plain white flowy t-shirt and these really cute polka dot leggings.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten you!

Finally to complete the rainy day outfit, here is the perfect match to your little ladybug princess.

spring outfits - woman wearing black and white polka dot shirt


Spring outfits - red pants and black shoes


spring outfits clear raincoat


Spring Outfits black rain boot



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Practical Park Playdates

If there is ever a time to be practical, it’s dressing for a park playdate. Of course, so long as your little one is a normal human being, they’re going to be rolling around in the dirt, playing in the mud and running through the grass. No doubt this is NOT the time to put them in a pretty dress or expensive outfits.

Luckily for us, it’s almost impossible to dress your little one in ugly spring outfits. I mean, all things considered, come on – have you SEEN all the adorable baby clothes out there?!

Dressing your little one in a practical park outfit is pretty simple. Any regular spring day tends to be warm-ish but the breeze can sometimes make it feel cooler out so pants are a must. However you can be a bit more flexible with tops because you’ll have a light jacket for them if they get too cold.

As far as shoes go, tennis shoes or boots with comfy insoles are a given. They’re going to be running around pretty much the entire time, so putting them in sandals would be borderline child abuse (just kidding, but really…don’t).

Anybody who knows me knows how much I LOVE Dr. Seuss. When I saw Target had a line of Dr. Seuss themed clothing, I can’t even tell you the sounds that came out of my mouth. I was especially excited when I saw these spring outfits because “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” is one of my absolute favorites to read to my daughter!

Cute spring outfits for play date Black and white with yellow and light blue patches


grey toddler sneakers with no laces to match kids spring outfits


This outfit is made of loungy material so it’s optimal for running and playing. Not to mention, the whimsical style of Dr. Seuss further adds to the playdate environment.

Now For You

Similarly enough, matching your little one’s Dr. Seuss outfit is really easy. With this one in particular, I suggest this top with black jeggings and any pair of grey canvas shoes similar to the recommendation for your little one. You can find these shoes at any shoe store and usually for a knockout price.

loungy grey shirt for spring outfits for moms



Artsy Smartsy

Another adorable, and incidentally easy, matching-outfit style is leggings!  As unpredictable as spring weather can get, having “indoor outings” will still be pretty common. Whether you and your little one enjoy library story times, music classes or mommy and me dates to your local museum, a few inside days are imminent.

mother and daughter matching spring outfits - white floral pants with blue jean shirt

I love these matching mommy and me leggings from MMofPhilly on Etsy. In my opinion, they make for perfect spring outfits! The colors and print are light and airy, and they’re perfect for spring.

* It should be noted that the shirt the little girl is wearing in this photo isn’t sold by MMofPhilly, but you can easily find sleeveless jean material shirts practically anywhere for both children and adults.

Disney Darlings

Finally, to all my fellow Disney moms out there, this one is for you! There are so many adorable spring outfit options to choose from for this style.

First start with choosing your favorite Disney muse as inspiration. For example, at our house the classic mickey and minnie mouse duo is pretty popular. They’re also some of the easiest characters to take inspiration from.

spring outfits red dress with white polka dots


spring outfits - mom is wearing a red dress with white polka dots


Second, to make these dresses more practical, pair them with a simple pair of black leggings and finish the look off with cute shoes like these:

black canvas sneaker to match spring outfits dress

In conclusion, Mommy and me spring outfits are super fun! And most of all, I love the look on my little girl’s face when she sees that she is dressed just like mama!

Finally, extra points 🙂 because it can totally deceive everyone into thinking you totally have your life together!

Do you love matching spring outfits with your little ones? What are some of your favorite mommy and me styles? Leave a comment below!

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