5 Techy Money Saving Hacks

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As a mom, you’re probably always looking for the best new way to save or techy money saving hacks. Now, with modern technology advancing every day, that struggle is becoming easier and easier! I’m a total tech-nerd as well as a lover of a great deal!

I can personally attest that the addicting power of the internet can definitely effect your wallet.  You know what I mean…  up at night browsing Amazon for a specific item and end up with 4+ items in you cart… but not the one you were originally looking for.

So rather then using technology to spend more money,  I am always on the hunt for finding techy money saving hacks.

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Here are some of my favorite techy money saving hacks- I hope you try them out and love them as much as my family and I do!


  • Download Honey
    Honey is a Google Chrome ad-on that is one of my favorite little-known online money saving secrets. Boasting itself as “like getting free money,” this app takes the guesswork out of searching for endless online codes when you’re shopping. Simply download and install the plug in, and the Honey app will automatically search the web for any viable discount code when you go to checkout.Honey will then report it’s finding, and automatically apply the largest discount unless otherwise noted. With just a few clicks, you’re on your way to saving up to 30% with little to no effort! Check out Honey in the Google App store- you’ll wish you did sooner!
  • Half.com
    is eBay’s answer to Amazon
    I’m not a huge fan of eBay. In my opinion, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than bidding on an item just to be outbid at the last second. Even worse is when bidding fever sets in, and you end up paying two times what the item is worth just for the thrill of winning an auction. That’s where Half.com comes in.Half is an eBay partner sight designed to compete with Amazon’s no-fuss used entertainment market. Selling gently used books, movies, and video games, Half is a little-known secret whose prices are oftentimes lower than Amazon.An added bonus is flat shipping by item type- whether it’s a copy of War and Peace or a new paperback, you’ll pay a little over three dollars shipping regardless.


  • Use Groupon for day-to-day expenses as well as gifts
    The reason why I and so many others love Groupon is because of the huge variety they offer. If you’re not familiar, Groupon is a discount site that frequently partners with local businesses in your area to offer deals and steals specifically tailored to your neighborhood.Boasting everything from discount grocery store gift certificates to buy-one-get-one free manicures, Groupon is definitely one of the  techy money saving hacks worth checking out and checking out frequently; the deals are always changing, and they tend to go fast!


  • Sign up for reward programs and newsletters
    One of the simplest techy ways to save money is by taking advantage of email information lists. Nearly every business has an email list they use to communicate sales and specials with customers, and you’ll usually be tempted to join with a pop-up upon visiting the site.Returning customers make up most sales in the United States, so these websites offer incentives to keep you in the loop, ranging from 10% off to free shipping. An advanced techy money saving hack is to sign up for an email list immediately before making your purchase, receive your discount code, and then unsubscribe. You’ll get the savings without the daily temptation in your inbox!
  • BankAmeriDeals
    If you bank at Bank of America and download their app. You will see BankAmeriDeals in the menu bar.  I love this techy money saving hack!  It suggest stores based on your spending patterns and allows you to earn 5%-10% cash back to your checking or savings account if you use your BOA debit card.You simply click on the store you would like to access to activate the deal.  When you go to the store as usual you will earn money 🙂

Do you have favorite techy money saving hacks you would like to share with the MLH community?  Please type in the comments below

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