7 Tips for Moms Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

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“Time flies when you are having fun.” Well, I wouldn’t exactly say maternity leave is all fun and games. But time does fly. And before you know it, maternity leave is ending. And you are then faced with one of the hardest things you will ever experience – the reality of needing tips for moms going back to work.

Also of course, consequently leaving your baby for the majority of the day with someone else.

Emotions will hit you left and right. And nonetheless, you may also feel guilt for spending time away from your newborn.

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Therefore, here are 7 tips for moms going back to work after maternity leave. Something to help you through this significant transition in your life as a new mom.

Written by our fabulous and terrific guest blogger: Betty Boiron 🙂

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #1: 

Start Your Caregiver Search Early

The phrase “good help is hard to find” has never been truer than searching for a good caregiver for your baby.

In the eyes of a mom, nobody else is good enough for her baby. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to explore different options. You may find after touring multiple daycares that you want to go with a nanny instead, or vice versa.

Talk to your friends and neighbors and see if they have any recommendations.

And always call the references to get their opinions on the caregivers.

For example, for my son we have gone through 2 au pairs, 4 nannies (and that’s after interviewing a dozen candidates!), and toured a handful of daycares before finding one nanny that was the right fit.

The last thing you want is feeling rushed to find a caregiver for your baby. Settling with someone you may not feel completely comfortable with is never a good idea. So start your search early!

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #2:

Do Some Dry Runs

Before officially returning to work, drop off your baby at daycare or ask the nanny to come for a few days. This allows you to get the routine down and the baby used to the new caregiver.

You don’t want to be sitting in your office on the first day of work after maternity leave worried about whether or not your baby is adjusting to the new caregiver. Or whether or not the caregiver has any concerns.

This also gives the caregiver a chance to get to know your baby and ask you all the necessary questions while you are free and not stuck in some meeting.

I am sure you wouldn’t mind some time to go shopping or sleep before going back to the grind either!

In my opinion, for me I had the nanny come a couple of hours at first. And then slowly increased the hours throughout two weeks before going to the office full time.

So, do some dry runs a week or two before you return to work so that you can iron out all the kinks. And similarly so you can feel confident that your baby is in good hands when you leave for work.

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #3: 

Ask for Updates

You are used to seeing your baby 24/7, so a whole day at work away from your baby will feel like forever.

So, don’t be shy about asking the caregiver for updates. Call the daycare to see what the little one is up to, or ask the nanny to send you some pictures throughout the day.

You are not going to be able to focus at work if in the back of your mind you are worried about your baby!

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #4: 

Start Slowly

In my opinion, one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard was to start on a Wednesday instead of a Monday.

A full 5 days of work after at least 6 weeks of being at home with your baby will feel like the longest week in your life.

Therefore, start on a Wednesday so you only have to survive 3 days before the weekend and you can be with your baby for a full 2 days before heading back to work the next week.

Even better, if work allows you to work part-time for a few weeks before returning full-time, you could really ease into life as a working mom instead of jumping back right into it.

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Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #5: 

Make Arrangements for Pumping

If you are breastfeeding, ask your friends or family if they have a breast pump they are not using so you can keep an extra set of pump and parts at work.

I was so grateful not having to drag around a heavy pump with all its parts every day to work!

Also, make sure to chat with your manager prior to returning to work to make sure that the office has a private area for you to pump and a fridge for you to store the pumped milk.

When my work moved me to another older building, I all of a sudden found myself with nowhere private to pump because everybody was in cubicles. They finally found me a visitor’s office to pump in. However, since it was a visitor’s office, some days I did get some … unexpected visitors during my pumping sessions. Not fun to have a strange man walk in on you while pumping!

Tips for Moms Going Back to Work #6:

Learn to Say No

I was eager to take on any challenge and accepted any tasks given to me prior to having kids. However, after I became a mom I learned that I had to say no. I had to turn away work that may cause me to stay later than expected. I didn’t want to sacrifice time with my kids to finish work.

They are only small once. And I am not about to lose any precious time I could have with my baby due to work that someone else can take care of.

Also, treat your pumping sessions as important meetings that you cannot miss. Your pumping frequency is extremely important as to maintain supply. So if someone wants to talk to you during the time period that you need to pump, learn to say no and postpone the meeting until after you pumped.


baby care tips for new moms. mom holding her newborn baby in white bedroom with rocking chair

As a new mom, you may need some FAQ’s to get you through certain times. Check out some baby care tips here.


Tips for Moms Going Back to work #7:

Let Go of the Mom Guilt

Going back to work is difficult. But let’s admit it.

You do kind of love the fact that you can drink coffee while it’s still hot. Or sit alone and focus on something for more than a couple of uninterrupted minutes.

Going back to work and feeling good about it doesn’t make you a bad mom. Let go of the mom guilt and be the best you can be at work.

This way, you will feel satisfied with all your accomplishments. Knowing that they allow you to provide financially for your baby is important. And you can go home happy to spend the evening with your precious little one!

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Author Bio

Betty Boiron is a mom blogger at The Terrific Five. She is a 35 year old mom living in SoCal with two beautiful children who loves them with all her heart, even though they sometimes drive her up the wall.

She turns her adventures and experiences with her children into helpful (and often hilarious) tips for other moms on her blog.

You can find her on Instagram here as well as Pinterest here.

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