Tips On Time Management For Mompreneurs

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As a very successful Mompreneur I wanted to share my tips on time management.   It’s Sunday night and I am sitting here planning for the week ahead.  I find myself wondering how many of you actually plan your Mompreneur schedule the week before?

I get asked, almost daily, how I find the time to run a 6 figure business, continually launch programs and events, go to ALL of my kid’s basketball games, sit down to a family dinner almost every night, and still have time for myself.


How do I get it all done??  



Tips on Time Management:  I write my entrepreneur schedule EVERY Sunday!

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As a Mompreneur you MUST follow these tips on time management!

A trick I learned in my former life as a corporate sales rep was to sit down on Sunday night and reflect on the previous week. Then, have a written plan of the week ahead. This was a necessary task I use to have to complete and send a copy to my manager. Needless to say, at first I loathed creating it! After a few months it became a habit. A very welcomed habit at that!

I noticed my productivity, not to mention my sales went through the roof! When I first started in sales I flew by the seat of my pants. I woke up in the morning and then figured out what I was going to do for that day.

Now lets say you through a couple of kids into the mix… of course you have to get flexible with you schedule, right?

or so i thought…

I would think the normal tips on time management didn’t apply to me because I was special, I was a working mom! You know what I am talking about. You say to yourself “I’ll call that prospect next week” or “ I will write answer that email tomorrow”. Only to see by the end of the week you had great ideas but nothing really got accomplished.

I know many of you do that very thing now, especially as Mompreneurs who have no one to answer to. If you do not plan our your weekly Mompreneur calendar It becomes even easier to get side tracked and distracted… especially if you are running a home based business.

As a busy mom I want to ask you, does this sound familiar…

  • Your have a project or content you need to write this week but something always gets in the way.
  • You say to yourself “I am only going to check Facebook for a few minutes”  Only to find yourself on it an hour and a half later.
  • A friend calls you to go out to lunch, which sounds much more appealing than writing a blog post, so you go.
  • You have to make some sales call to pay your bills, the phone feels awfully heavy so you decide to do the laundry first and never make it back to the sales call.
  • If you are a mompreneur, you may have to go to a school event or take your child to the doctor.
mompreneur working on tips on time management on bed

If you are like me, there are many moving parts in your life and business. Without a Mompreneur schedule it is very easy to end up spending a lot of your time and energy on things that are not generating forward momentum.

As an Mompreneur your plate full…

…pretty much all the time!

It is important to stay focused and use these tips on time management to achieve your most desired outcomes, BOTH in your business and in your personal life! One of the greatest benefits of being a Mompreneur is having the freedom to structure your business around your lifestyle and what you truly desire.

After you download a sample of my weekly entrepreneur schedule below it will become very clear that my business is focused on maximizing the most amount of time with my family.

With these tips on time management, if you want to include travel as a part of the lifestyle you desire, you can arrange your business in such a way that will allow you to travel and work at the same time.  If you want to have a four day work week, your Mompreneur schedule will have all of your business tasks for that week within those 4 days.

You will be working longer hours during those four days but it will definitely be worth it while you are relaxing the rest of the week! If you are still working your JOB and trying to launch your “side hustle” into a full time business, your entrepreneur schedule will have your corporate job written in.

But.. you would also schedule days where you wake up early and work on your business.  You would schedule your evenings with projects that move your business further. It’s funny, I have found that creating my Mompreneur schedule every week actually gives me move freedom!  It helps safeguard my time!  I schedule in my “me time” also.  My “me time” is a non-negotiable!  It keeps me balanced and focused.

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So are your curious what I do all week? And YES!! This is really a page from my Mompreneur schedule!  I also provided a blank template so you can plan out your week!  I would love to see what your weekly entrepreneur schedule looks like!
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