Traveling Together: Vacation Ideas for Mom and Daughter

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Growing up in a travel destination I rarely adventured to new locations with my mom. For example, Hawaii didn’t have the Aulani Disney Resort when I was growing up, which would have been the perfect staycation. I also always dreamed of going to Legoland or visiting one of the many amusement parks. In my opinion, those would have been great vacation ideas for mom and daughter. They would have been such great trips!

Well now I’m a mom. And while I love to explore where we live, it is also so fun to visit new places! For instance, last year I took my daughter to the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand which was an incredible experience. She absolutely loved the hobbit holes and I highly recommend adding it to your list of vacation ideas for mom and daughter.

However if your daughter is no longer a kid, even though I know she will always be your baby, I still have some other great vacation ideas for you both.

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From quick weekend trips to a lavish getaway, I hope these inspire your vacation ideas for mom and daughter.

First and foremost, I have always been a big fan of staycations. It is a great way to experience the perks of travel while on a budget.

But finding the time to travel abroad when you and your daughter have competing schedules can be tough.

If you are in this situation I suggest looking at local hotels that you have never stayed at before. If you just want to do a day outing, find a nearby spa to give you that vacation feeling. Also if you can spare a few days, just head over to the closest town and book a cute bed and breakfast.

Here are a couple tips for booking a Staycation:

  • Use the app ‘Hotel Tonight’ to get a great rate on a last-minute local hotel
  • Find a lovely home in your area on ‘OneFineStay


Second, in my opinion, another great option is a weekend getaway. This is another great chance to bond if you are struggling to find the time. Take advantage of a long weekend and adventure to a new town or city.

Even though it is only a few days, weekends can be the perfect vacation and a nice way to relax with your daughter. Exploring small towns can help you reconnect with one another without distractions, and it is perfect for quality time together.

Weekend vacation ideas for mom and daughter:

  • Wine tasting in Napa Valley, CA
  • Explore the art scene in Marfa, Texas
  • Book a cute Airbnb in Joshua Tree
  • Attend a weekend yoga retreat in Big Sur


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Weekend trips are great but this now brings me to my third option. if you want a longer, more relaxing vacation, I recommend a gorgeous spa that has lodging.

There is arguably no better way to wind down than with a nice vacation at the spa! It is such a treat for you and your daughter.

Take the time to pamper yourself and bring your daughter along to enjoy a luxury experience. There are lots of incredible spas to choose from but these are definitely my top four picks.

Spa getaway vacation ideas for mom and daughter:


On the flip side of a relaxing trip, fun adventurous vacation ideas for mom and daughter are great for spontaneous trips!

From learning to surf in Hawaii to hiking in Zion National Park, there are a wide variety of options. In any case, it really just depends on your preference and what type of thrill you and your daughter are up for.

I have a wide variety of adventurous options to help peak your imagination for a wanderlust filled vacation.

Adventurous vacation ideas for mom and daughter:

  • Go glamping in a Santa Cruz Tree house
  • Hike to the Emerald Pools at Zion National Park
  • Learn to surf with Maui Surfer Girls at Camp Olowalu, HI
  • Swim with Sharks in Hawaii off the island of Oahu


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Finally, even with all that being said, splurging on a lavish vacation is also sometimes necessary.

Take a weekend getaway or the spa week to the next level and book a bucket list trip. In fact, this is probably one of the best vacation ideas for mom and daughter because you can definitely make sure to create those monumental moments.

Whether it’s a birthday trip, you’re celebrating a graduation or an engagement, all are great reasons to visit a place you have never been before with your daughter. Actually, several of these places are on my bucket list for vacations with my daughter someday.

Bucket list vacation ideas for mom and daughter:

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
  • Wander the Village of White and Blue in Santorini, Greece
  • Meet the penguins in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Check out what Cuba is all about and explore Havana
vacation ideas for mom and daughter mother with long curly hair smiling next to her little child with short curly hair wearing a blue and white shirt

In conclusion, I hope these vacation ideas for mom and daughter help you plan your next trip.

Of course, these cities and states I’ve mentioned may not be in your area and may not be close to you at all. But that just makes it all the better to book a long weekend and travel somewhere new!

Either way, I’m certain there are a ton of local places in your own area to explore.

Ultimately, whether it be a trip close to home or halfway around the world, travel is such a great way to connect. Remember that no matter how near or far you travel, the memories you create will always be special and last a lifetime.

Spending a few days alone together is the best quality time a mother and daughter can have.

I hope you try out some of these vacation ideas for mom and daughter! Let us know some of your own awesome trips you’ve taken together.

Happy travels,

Nadia  🙂

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