Yoga For Beginners – 10 Great Poses To Try Today

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Before we get started, there are a couple points you should keep in mind when it comes to yoga for beginners.

mom doing yoga for beginners

First, know that some of these poses might feel uncomfortable. That’s okay. Yoga is known to get you feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is helpful on and off of the mat.

Second, try to take 5 mindful breaths during each pose. This is not only a form of meditation, but also a way to ensure that you are holding the poses. Your strength will be built by holding these poses for as long as you can.

You will start to notice over time that you are able to hold certain positions for longer and longer. Keep challenging yourself.

Third, and probably most important…don’t push yourself if you feel pain. Listen to your body and connect with your breath.

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 Are you ready to get started on yoga for beginners? Okay, great, grab your mat or towel…Here we go!

Yoga for Beginners Pose 1:

Mountain Pose

mom doing yoga for beginners

In this simple pose your chest is open, but not proud. Stretch your arms up while keeping your shoulders low. Set your gaze a few feet in front of you.

This pose is your chance to focus and be present.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 2:

Forward Fold

mom doing yoga for beginners

From mountain, dive down and take deep breaths during this stretch. You can support your weight with your hands on your shins, if needed. On each exhale, fold forward a little more.

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Yoga for Beginners Pose 3:

Down Dog

mom doing yoga for beginners

From forward fold, plant your hands on the floor and step your feet back into Downward Facing Dog. Use your core strength to take some weight out of your wrists.

In this pose, you can nod your head “yes,” and shake your head “no,” to loosen up your neck.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 4:


mom doing yoga for beginners

Shift your weight forward from Down Dog into Plank. In this pose, you can be on your hands or your forearms. Either way, be sure that your joints are aligned and your weight is stretching through your heels.

To modify, you can always drop to your knees into half plank if necessary.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 5:

Upward Facing Dog

From plank, lower yourself down onto your belly. With your hands pressed into the floor on either side of your chest, press up arching your back and looking up to the ceiling.

Proper form for Up Dog is having only your hands and the tops of your feet touching the ground. But you can keep your thighs on the ground if needed.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 6:

Child’s Pose

mom doing yoga for beginners

From Up Dog, sink your hips back to rest on the bottoms of your feet. Press your hands into the floor to activate and stretch your back muscles. This is a great pose if you need a rest during your practice.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 7:

Warrior 1

mom doing yoga for beginners

From Child’s Pose, push back into Down Dog. Then step one foot forward in between your hands and rise up into Warrior I.

Your hips are parallel to the front of the mat in this pose. Lean back and keep your chest open. Your front foot is facing forward and your back foot is parallel to the front of the mat.

A good way to know if your feet are properly aligned is to make sure that your front foot is directly in front of the arch of your back foot.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 8:

Warrior 2

In this pose, your legs will not move from Warrior I, but your hips will now be parallel to the long side of the mat as you open and stretch your arms out to either side.

I love this pose because it is powerful, yet humble.

Yoga for Beginners Pose 9:

All Fours

From Warrior II, face forward and plant your hands on either side of your front foot. You can then lower down to “all fours.” This pose is exactly as it says. You are on your hands and knees with your joints aligned.

This is a great transitional pose for moving into Down Dog and Child’s Pose.


Yoga for Beginners Pose 10:

Corpse Pose

Most Yoga practices end in this pose. You are lying completely still on your back in a vulnerable position. This is when you surrender and focus on being present.

You can keep your legs slightly apart and allow your palms to face up towards the ceiling.

Many find this pose to be challenging because of the stillness that it requires. But it is a perfect time to come back to the intention that you may have set at the beginning of your practice and take a moment to be present before moving on with your day.

So there you go. You are now ready to get started with practicing Yoga. You can try each of these poses in succession. Once you master these, you will no longer be considered a beginner!

Always remember to go easy on yourself. Many judge Yoga as easy, but the poses require a lot of strength and concentration. It’s not hard to get your heart pumping.

Try these out and let me know if you have any questions!

I’d love to see your pictures, too!

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